Jill Dillard Rumored Pregnant In Zika Hot Zone: New Photo Sparks Questions Of Possible Pregnancy [Video]

A new photo of Jill Dillard shared by her husband over social media has fans wondering if the Jill & Jessa: Counting On star is pregnant again, especially since Dillard and and her sister, Jessa Duggar, admitted they definitely want to have more children. Jill, who has been doing mission work in El Salvador for several months, has been heavily criticized for possibly being pregnant in a country where the Zika virus is known to be a huge problem.

Although Jill and her husband have been asked by fans who are curious about when Jill will become pregnant again, the reality stars have yet to confirm another pregnancy. However, several photos the Dillard family has shared have started to make fans wonder whether a new baby will arrive sooner than they think.

The Duggar family, which includes Jill and Derek Dillard, are famous for not using birth control, and believe a couple should have as many children as possible. So, it’s entirely possible that Jill is pregnant again, especially since her son, Israel, recently had his first birthday.

In the most photo, shared by Derek Dillard over Instagram, Jill can be seen wearing a black baggy top and pink skirt while reading to several young children. Jill is standing, and according to the website Hollywood Gossip, a large baby belly can be seen.

While the Dillard family hasn’t confirmed anything, and it’s entirely possible the “baby bump” could be from Jill’s shirt. But because Jill confirmed she definitely plans to have more children, fans are naturally assuming she’s pregnant again.

It’s no secret that Jill wants more children, and in a recent episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, the reality star said in an on-camera interview that she and her sister Jessa “will probably be pregnant at the same time.” Dillard added that she doesn’t know whether she or her sister will get pregnant first, but since her son is older, Jill admitted the sisters “will see” who gets to show off a baby bump first.

It’s not the first photo that has sparked rumors that Jill is pregnant with baby No. 2. A previous Instagram snap shared by Derek had fans wondering whether it was an admission that Jill is pregnant again.

In the photo, Derek poses with a can of bug spray, and jokes about the Zika virus in the caption, sharing with readers that “I knew I could count on Walmart to have what I need to combat that Zika Virus! #beprepared #zika.” At the time, some fans believed the snapshot was an admission that his wife is pregnant, or planned for a baby soon, and the bug spray was an attempt to combat the virus that causes birth defects.

Health authorities are advising women who have been to Zika hot spots to not get pregnant for two years after leaving an area where there’s confirmed cases of infection. Naturally, the most recent photo of Jill sporting a rumored baby bump has drawn plenty of criticism.

TLC has not yet confirmed even to the Duggar family about whether Jill & Jessa: Counting On has been renewed for a third season. The series garnered large ratings but was a PR nightmare since many brands publicly renounced being affiliated with the Duggar family.

If Jill became pregnant while in El Salvador, it might just be the nail in the coffin that completely ends the Duggar family on television, since fans already think it’s irresponsible of Jill to consider becoming pregnant while possibly exposed to the Zika virus. While the Dillard family has not said anything about Jill expecting another child, fans are still concerned about the welfare of any baby, should the conservative Christian become pregnant again.

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