Dorinda Medley Talks Holiday Party From Hell: Luann De Lesseps Source Of Trouble?

Dorinda Medley wants to move on from the drama that has plagued The Real Housewives of New York this season. Dorinda has learned that Ramona Singer may not be the friend she thought she was, especially since Ramona has been calling out her co-star for quite some time. Just two weeks ago, Ramona expressed joy over a psychic’s reading that Medley won’t be marrying John Mahdessian. Plus, she told the other girls that John had dished about their sex life and had told a group of people that he would pop some Viagra and have sex with Dorinda for hours. But during last night’s episode, it seemed like Luann de Lesseps was more the source of trouble than Ramona.

According to a new set of tweets, Dorinda Medley is unleashing her dislike for Luann de Lesseps after last night’s episode. Based on her tweets, it sounds like Luann may have caused more trouble than good during their trip to the Berkshires. Of course, de Lesseps had several things to say about Bethenny Frankel, and Dorinda felt protective of the business owner, as she had been there for her earlier in the episode.

“It was a great opportunity to chat w/ Bethenny. Cathartic, freeing to just vent. #Bethenny is a good listener when she wants to be #RHONY,” Medley revealed on Twitter as their conversation was featured on the show.

Of course, Medley didn’t invite Sonja Morgan to the Berkshires because of her argument with Bethenny over the Tipsy Girl launch. Maybe Dorinda just wanted to keep the peace, but it sounds like she felt the need to explain her decision to leave Sonja at home.

“This is coming from a place of kindness … From a place of kindness!!!! And protectiveness and concern and love Sonja Morgan #RHONY,” Dorinda Medley revealed on Twitter, adding, “This Is exactly why I don’t want you there Sonja Morgan it’s not going to be that kind of party…no making out lol” when Morgan talked about being the life of the party.

But the source of trouble did appear to be the Countess. She kept defending Morgan, since she was left at home and de Lesseps even questioned why she had come to Dorinda’s place without her friend. Plus, Luann started a feud with Bethenny Frankel that will continue on next week’s episode. So, what did Dorinda think about that?

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“Then why did you come Luann de Lesseps?? If you were her guest, you should’ve stayed with Sonja Morgan,” Dorinda Medley explained on Twitter, adding, “I love you Luann de Lesseps but you got to stay out of this one. I know what I’m doing #RHONY.”

And Dorinda even came to Bethenny’s defense over the Skinnygirl controversy.

“I couldn’t agree more with Bethenny. You shouldn’t haven’t brought this up de Lesseps. You don’t poke the branding bear,” Medley tweeted, adding, “Needless to say… This isn’t what I expected at my holiday party… #RHONY turns into Jerry Springer.”

It is definitely surprising that Medley now has a problem with the Countess. For a long time, her issue was with Ramona Singer. During her holiday get-together, Singer stayed somewhat silent and just let her co-stars fight it out. Last week, Medley did appear to have some sympathy for de Lesseps, who was dealing with her ex-boyfriend.

“This guy Rey was gross. Luann was smart in getting out of there. Ramona shouldn’t have shown up, but she did, and she should’ve probably asked Rey to leave with her if she was so curious. John’s intent was correct but his reactions are just too much. No hands in faces, John. But at the same time, Ramona was so out of line, I couldn’t even understand how this would ever make sense to her…and what’s the use in arguing with her?” Medley wrote last week, according to Bravo.

What do you think of Dorinda Medley having an issue with Luann de Lesseps? Do you think Luann was out of line?

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