‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Hope Opens Up To Rafe, Ciara Talks With Marlena, And Claire Picks Up On Shawn And Belle’s Reunion

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday’s episode share that there will be a great deal of focus on Aiden, Hope, and Ciara, and viewers will get to see a bit more related to Claire, Shawn, and Belle as well. Belle and Shawn found themselves in bed with one another earlier in the week, but now they have to figure out what comes next. Where are things headed during the May 26 show?

Claire and Ciara were able to escape any severe punishments for the vandalism incident, and now both are looking ahead to what comes next. Ciara is still reeling from the rape incident, and Days of Our Lives spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that she will be meeting with Marlena during Thursday’s show for some therapy. She told her mother that if Aiden manages to get Chase out of jail, she is not sure what she will do and is clearly quite worried about the possibility.

As Ciara is working on regaining her emotional strength after what happened with Chase, Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Hope will connect with Rafe and discuss the situation. Hope told Aiden that if he ever had any love for her, he would let Chase face the consequences for what he did to Ciara. However, the buzz is that Aiden will feel compelled to help Chase anyway and that determination surely escalates after the teen is attacked in jail during Friday’s show.

Aiden may be determined to help his son, but Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that he will remain anxious to win Hope back as well. During Thursday’s show, however, he will come to realize what a difficult challenge this will be for him. Is it possible for these two to reunite, or will Hope stay with Rafe?

Claire quickly noticed her father’s attire when she showed up for her court hearing during Wednesday’s show, and Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that she will be piecing things together to an extent during this next episode. She will be wondering if her parents are reconciling, and as Soap Central shares, the thought of this reunion will have her quite excited. However, it seems she will try to maintain her composure, and viewers know that Belle and Shawn are going to be facing a few bumps in the road as they try to figure out what comes next for them.

Days of Our Lives spoilers have revealed that Shawn and Belle, along with a couple of other Salemites, will be leaving town at some point over the next few months. Will Belle and Shawn ride off into the sunset together as a happily reunited couple? That is what fans figure will happen, but it seems there is a bit of time yet before this departure takes place, and they have some complicated conversations to have with Lani and Philip before a full-blown reunion can take place.

Aiden may be anxious to win back Hope, but his attention will need to be on Chase after this attack takes place. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Hope will be comforting Aiden in the episodes ahead after the attack, and this will surely make the situation with Hope, Aiden, and Rafe all the more complicated.

Will Claire, Shawn, and Belle soon be having a happy family reunion? Will Hope stay with Rafe or does Aiden have a shot at wooing her back? What comes next for Ciara as she works on moving forward from the rape incident with Chase? Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that there are plenty of twists and turns on the way, and fans will not want to miss what comes next.

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