Texas Man Admits To Hiring Hitman To Bring Mail Order Bride To America In A Crate [Video]

Hankamer, TX – David Sartin, a duped Texas bachelor, admitted to hiring a hit man to kidnap his would-be mail order bride and bring her back to America in a crate. Sartin, 49, reportedly paid the hit man $50,000 to bring Elena Barykina to his Houston area home. Once the Ukrainian mail order bride arrived in the Lone Star state, David Sartin allegedly planned to lock her in a “fortified” room and poison her with lead, the Daily Mail reports.

David Sartin maintains he sent Elena Barykina gifts and cash before he found out she was sleeping with another man. Barykina allegedly had a Russian boyfriend even though she and Sartin had developed a romantic relationship via a dating website. The Texas bachelor took six trips to the Ukraine to spend time with his blonde long-distance love. David Sartin thought the couple would get married after Elena Barykina relocated to the United States, KYIV reports.

Last week Satin plead guilty inside a Beaumont, Texas courtroom to charges of attempted kidnapping and brandishing a firearm. David Sartin and Elena Barykina met through the Dream Marriage website, which claims to make matches for users with “sexy” Ukrainian and Russian women.

Once Sartin found out Elena Barkina was involved with Ark Ovrutski, the relationship soured and plans to hire a hit man began to take shape. Sartin tried to pay law enforcement agents he believed were hit men $50,000 to kidnap Barykina and transport her to a room he had specially transformed for her captivity inside his Texas home. Sartin told investigators that he figured he could “get a week out of her” before killing her via lead poisoning.

Cecil Sartin, David’s father, stated he tried to warn his “lonely” son about the potential perils of the relationship with Elena Barykina but said she was prettier and could “talk sweeter” than the elder Sartin. David Sartin reportedly received a $400,000 divorce settlement from his wealthy ex-wife.

“I was 13 years older than him and he played me for a fool. Now he’s met somebody a little smarter than him,” retired oil executive Betty Sartin stated, according to the Daily Mail.

Sartin became the godfather of one of Barykina’s relatives, paying for her school and living expenses, photo shoot costs, and fees associated with her plans to begin a singing career. The would-be internet order bride published singing videos on YouTube to jump start her music career. Elena Barykina and David Sartin allegedly agreed to save sex for marriage because they considered such intimacy “sacred.”