Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian Accidentally Reveal Baby Due Date, Spend $275,000 On Matching Rolex Watches [Video]

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna might have accidentally revealed their baby’s due date! Blac Chyna shared an ultrasound photo of the baby on Instagram along with a sweet message about how excited she is about having a second child. Based on the photo, an expert weighed in and revealed that Rob and Chyna will get their bundle of joy around Thanksgiving!

Speaking to Hollywood Life, Dr. Sherry Ross, an OB/GYN and women’s health expert, revealed that the Blac Chyna and Rob’s baby “appears to be 16-18 weeks old. Estimated due date 11/8/16.” The expert couldn’t confirm, however, whether the photo was really of the baby, however, adding that “[n]o one will ever know whose fetus it is unless we see a live video of the ultrasound actually being performed on that woman’s belly, in this case Chyna’s belly. Otherwise, this baby could be anyone’s.”

Dr. Ross did confirm that the photo is “definitely a picture of a fetus (or baby) taken by an ultrasound machine.” There’s no reason to believe, however, that Kardashian and Blac Chyna aren’t being truthful about the photo since they’re so excited for the new baby, which will be Rob’s first child.

Chyna captioned the adorable image by revealing to fans that she feels so blessed to be having a baby with Rob. Confessing that her son, King Cairo, “was my greatest blessing,” Chyna shared that she once believed she and King “were gonna live happily ever after together Just the 2 of us.”

“I was no longer looking for love because I thought I had all that I needed,” Blac Chyna wrote, adding that now she’s excited to be “[e]ngaged to be married to one of the greatest men I know who loves King & I unconditionally AND having another bundle of joy!”

But it’s not just Blac Chyna’s life that’s changed so much. According to insiders, Rob’s life has drastically changed since Blac Chyna became his girlfriend, and not just because he’s about to become a dad for the first time.

Rob posted a revealing side by side photo on Instagram comparing his body from last December with a more recent photo, and the transformation is incredible. Kardashian certainly has dropped a lot of weight now that Blac Chyna is encouraging him to take better care of himself!

Last December, before he started dating his fiancee, Kardashian was very overweight and was even diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He moved in with Khloe Kardashian to try to get healthy but still struggled.

Rob now looks like he’s getting fit, although Kardashian himself admits that he has more work to do. In the first photo, Rob is quite overweight, but in the recent photo, Rob appears to have lost nearly 50 pounds and seems so much happier!

Kardashian captioned the amazing transformation with “LOL ‼️???????????????????????? still got a lot of work to do and weight to lose but glad I’m getting better,” adding “BlacChynarmy” to the image.

According to insiders, Kardashian has adopted a healthy eating plan thanks to Blac Chyna and now weighs about 250 pounds, with plans to drop another 50 pounds to reach his target weight.

To celebrate their relationship and new child, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian spent a little cash—buying matching Rolex watches for $275,000! According to TMZ, Rob and Chyna met with celebrity jeweler Nick Bhindi to pick out his and hers watches as a pre-wedding gift to themselves.

Rob spent more than his fiancee and chose a watch that cost around $150,000, while Blac was a little more conservative. For herself, Chyna chose two watches, one that was encrusted with diamonds for $90,000 and a much more reasonably priced one for $35,000 for less fancy occasions.

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[Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]