Kim Kardashian Threw Kanye West Out After Bizarre & ‘Insulting’ Ellen Interview

According to reports, Kim Kardashian allegedly threw husband Kanye West out of their Beverly Hills home after his bizarre appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week.

A Kardashian source alleged to the site earlier this week that Kim was left “mortified” by Kanye’s behavior on the popular daytime talk show, which saw West barely answer DeGeneres’s questions before launching into an odd rant about art wherein he claimed that he could “see sound.”

The insider close to the Kardashian family claimed that Kim told her husband that “he owed Ellen a huge apology” for his behavior and that Kim was supposedly so angry with her husband that she had his belongings “moved back into his Hollywood Hills house” following the alleged fallout.

“Ellen’s been a good friend to the Kardashians, and Kim thought his behavior was the ultimate insult,” the Kardashian insider claimed of how Kim really felt about West’s interview to Life & Style.

Kanye’s latest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show caused a serious stir online, with many fans taking to social media to blast Kardashian’s husband for being “disrespectful” to the talk show host by uttering one word answers when asked about his and Kim’s two children.

“The way Kanye acted on Ellen’s show was lowkey disrespectful, I could see in her face she wanted to kick him off,” @BriannaN_15 speculated. User @rytwiss tweeted out, “how does [Kim Kardashian] put up with kanye if he’s the way he is in the ellen interview all the time?? like would drive me crazy.”

“Catching up on my Ellen this morning, seriously Kanye? What an absolute idiot,” Twitter user @AmandaMassage added of Kardashian’s husband’s appearance. Meanwhile, @bebogotclass_ tweeted, “Watching Kanye West on Ellen…… Omg this man is a complete idiot, I am getting frustrated, he hasn’t said a full sentence.”

Kim Kardashian Threw Kanye West Out After Bizarre & 'Insulting' Ellen Interview
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But despite Life & Style‘s claims that Kim saw red with Kanye after his bizarre appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kim didn’t appear to let on that she was reportedly “mortified” by West’s outburst and instead took to social media after the airing to admit that she was “proud” of her husband of two years.

Taking to Twitter after Kanye’s latest appearance on the daytime talk show aired last week, Kardashian tweeted out a clip of West’s interview with the comedian and wrote, “Proud of my baby @kanyewest on @theellenshow #KanyeonEllen.”

Kim Kardashian also appeared to further dispel rumors that there’s trouble in paradise for herself and Kanye in an Instagram post on May 24, where Kim sent West a sweet message to celebrate their second wedding anniversary.

“Happy 2 year anniversary to the love of my life! You make me so happy! I love you so much!!!” Kardashian captioned a photo of herself and Kanye West.

Happy 2 year anniversary to the love of my life! You make me so happy! I love you so much!!!

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As for how Ellen really feels about Kanye’s rant, which took place just days after the host conducted a live interview with Kim via FaceTime, a source claimed to Hollywood Life wasn’t exactly surprised that West wasn’t afraid to speak his mind on the show and supposedly doesn’t regret having Kardashian’s husband on the show

“Ellen expected no surprises at all with Kanye, she knows that he would make good TV and that is what it is all about,” an insider alleged to the site. “Everyone in the back was star struck when Kanye arrived and it was the talk of the week on what he would say or do. Everyone expected that he was going to do something wild, stupid or weird.”

The inside source also admitted that Ellen, who has interviewed the vast majority of the Kardashian family, “doesn’t regret” Kanye making an appearance on the show and “is happy that people care enough to watch the show even when people like Kanye come to it and act like a buffoon.”

What do you think of reports that Kim Kardashian kicked Kanye West out of their home following his bizarre appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show?

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