Keith Green Case: Bitter Split with Ex Girlfriend, Alleged Affair, False Police Report, Custody Dispute Precede Murder of California Father

Three people have been arrested in connection with the tragic death of young California father, Keith Green, 27, who was afraid for his life and told friends about his fear, according to The Mercury News.

Keith’s former girlfriend and the mother of his two daughters, Tiffany Li, 30, has been arrested and charged with his murder, ABC 7 News San Francisco reports. Also charged in the murder along with Li are her current boyfriend, Kaveh Bayat, 29, and another man, Olivier Adella, 40.

Attorney Mitri Hanania, who represented Keith after Li filed a false police report accusing him of theft, told ABC 7 News the problems between the Keith and Li began when Li allegedly cheated on Keith. Hanania said, “It all began with Keith’s discovery that Tiffany [Li] had an affair with his friend Kavi, that he caught him…”

Later, Li told police Keith had stolen her Range Rover and set up a meeting with him at a local Starbucks, where he was promptly arrested by law enforcement. According to ABC 7 News, the case was thrown out after Hanania showed prosecutors texts Li sent to Keith in which she admitted filing a “false stolen car police report.”

According to The Mercury News, Keith also told friends Li had falsely accused him of domestic abuse and that his ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend, Bayat, had threatened him. One friend told the news media outlet, “He [Keith] told everyone, everyone in his life knew he was afraid.”

If that wasn’t enough, Keith and Li were reportedly in dispute over the custody of their children. Keith’s mother, Colleen Cudd, told The Daily Journal her son had hired two attorneys to try to resolve any custody issues between them.

A friend, Angela Dunn, whom Keith had been staying with for the past several months told ABC 7 News the night Keith vanished he was going to meet the mother of his children to discuss custody.

Keith was last seen on April 28 at around 10 p.m., according to the Millbrae Patch.

The next day Keith was reported missing when he didn’t return home after his meeting with Li at the Millbrae Pancake House. KRON reports that, not long after, a hiker found Keith’s cell phone in the Rose Garden at Golden Gate Park.

On May 11, Keith’s body – “not in good shape,” according to authorities – was found dumped in a field near a major highway, according to ABC 7 News, with a single gunshot wound in the neck.

Li and her boyfriend, Bayat, were arrested ten days later when SWAT officers surrounded her mansion and with a bullhorn ordered the suspects to surrender to police, The Mercury News reports. Adella was arrested at a separate location.

ABC 7 News notes prosecutors have yet to announce what type of connection Adella, a mixed martial arts fighter, has to Keith’s murder.

Keith aspired to become a professional chef and was attending Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in San Francisco, according to The Mercury News. A friend told the news media outlet that not only was he going to school, but Keith was trying to make ends meet by working two jobs and was active in his daughter’s lives with the ultimate goal of getting a place where they could all live together.

A mutual separation agreement that Li wanted Keith to sign in October after they split would have provided him with $4,000 per month, a one-time lump sum payment of $20,000, and a Range Rover, according to a document obtained by ABC 7 News. In exchange, Li wanted Keith to leave the mansion her mother had purchased for her and take care of any outstanding bills the two had.

A source told ABC 7 News that when Keith refused to sign the agreement, Li got mad.

The Mercury News reports that, inside the luxurious Hillsborough home, Li maintained a team of nannies and housekeepers. Exotic vehicles, including a Ferrari, were professionally detailed on a weekly basis, and the lawn was kept pristine by landscapers. The report notes neighbors almost never saw Li, Keith, or their two young daughters.

Besides being charged with Keith’s murder, KRON reports that Li, Bayat, and Adella also face a “special allegation” for having firearms, according to the district attorneys office.

[Photo via the San Mateo Sheriff’s Department]