‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Finale Just Delivered A Major Twist: Who Came Back At The End? [Spoilers]

Supernatural Season 11 just delivered a season finale to beat all season finales. It finally broke its own cycle, bringing a character back that nobody at all saw coming. Just what happened and what does it mean for Season 12?

The big show down was supposed to be between God (aka Chuck) and his sister Amara (aka The Darkness). After the plan the week before failed, the Supernatural Season 11 finale started to play out like all the rest. Dean offered himself up as a Soul Bomb and gave his brother the keys to the Impala.

It has all been seen in the past, so fans would have been rolling their eyes at the screen. Of course Dean wasn’t going to die, and if he did, he would come back in the Season 12 premiere. It no longer has the shock aspect that Seasons 1 to 5 had.

However, Jeremy Carver did manage to shock the Supernatural family. There was a twist, and that was that Dean didn’t blow himself up with all the souls after all. Rather than a fight, he was able to talk Amara down. They actually worked things out rather than any of the world being destroyed.

It does look like the world will come to an end at one point, and Season 12 would all be about getting the sun back. However, the writers used the Winchester drama to their advantage. Dean was able to talk to Amara about it, as well as about how family means everything. It gave Amara the push she needed to make amends with her brother and restored his health and the sun.

This outcome had been hinted at and foreshadowed for some time. Amara was never really the big evil Supernatural is known for. There was a weakness to her and some sympathy for her feelings. This wasn’t just someone out to end the world for no reason. She had always been jealous of her brother and he had decided to lock her away for centuries. It is no wonder she wanted to exact revenge on him.

The episode also saw the introduction of a new character, The Vampire Diaries’ Elizabeth Blackmore. Many will know her as the Heretic Valerie, but in Supernatural she is a Woman of Letters from the London division. She has been tasked with bringing the Winchesters in for all the damage they have caused over the years. It was only a matter of time before something like this would happen. Her warning shot is off camera, and could it have hit Sam? What about Castiel?

As for Dean, he gets another visit from Amara, who is genuinely grateful for his help in reuniting her with her brother. For that, she offers him a reward: to bring back a member of his family. Dean is sent to Mary Winchester’s grave, where none other than Samantha Smith was standing in front of him. Yes, Mary Winchester is back from the dead! Who really saw that coming until the very end?

What does all this mean for Supernatural Season 12? Carver is stepping down from running the show, as The Inquisitr previously reported. Deadline shares that Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer are definitely taking over the show, and both have been with the show for a number of years (Singer since the very beginning). Mary Winchester will not be the only focus for the season. Lucifer is free, and nobody knows where. Surely, Season 12 will be about finding him.

There is no confirmation yet as to when Supernatural Season 12 will return to the CW. However, it will definitely be during the fall 2016 lineup and will move from Wednesdays to Thursdays for the new season.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]