California Dental Assistant Admits Sexual Assault On Several Patients

A California dental assistant has admitted to sexually assaulting at least 13 different patients while he was employed at Park Boulevard Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. New York Daily News reports that 36-year-old Luis Ramos sexually abused patients at the facility for approximately a year out of the three years he had been employed there.

The California man’s actions were discovered after the owner of the dental practice put surveillance cameras in the clinic. At least one of the incidents of sexual assault was captured by the surveillance, and authorities were immediately notified. They reportedly viewed approximately 500 hours of footage, from which they obtained evidence against the former dental assistant.

Ramos admitted to sexually abusing at least 13 different victims, ranging in age from 17-years-old to 63-years-old. Many of the patients did not come forward to report the assaults out of fear of what may happen. It was thanks to the surveillance footage that this was discovered so that the victims of this man’s sexual perversions can be given the justice they deserve. But is the sentence necessarily fitting to the crime?

This isn’t the first time someone in the medical field has made media headlines for inappropriate behavior. In 2009, Georgia police arrested a man named Paul Patrick Serdula after he allegedly filmed himself raping female patients who were under anesthesiain various dental offices. Authorities were alerted to his possible criminal behavior when a nurse discovered a camera in an area where he had been working. Police were shocked to find that this man wasn’t an ordinary peeping-tom but a rapist who had built a collection of videos and photos of himself sexually assaulting patients.

Last year, a Las Vegas doctor was arrested after police found out that he had been raping unconscious patients who were in his care. He was also accused of possessing child pornography. A teenage girl alerted authorities after he had allegedly raped her during a routine acne treatment. Police found Ketamine in the doctor’s office during their investigation, which may have been used during some of the sexual assaults.

Also in 2015, a Tennessee dentist was arrested on allegations that he raped a woman. He not only allegedly raped her, but stabbed her during the altercation. The Tennessee dentist was charged with crimes in association with rape and attempted murder.

As for this latest case, Luis Ramos has admitted in court to his actions, which is awarding him a shortened prison sentence of 15 years. However, he did not “get much of a deal” out of prosecutors because he would have faced 17 years of imprisonment had he gone through a trial. Do you think 15 years of imprisonment is a strict enough punishment for the serial rape of vulnerable people? With at least 13 different victims, the former dental assistant has shown that he is a repeat offender, but will prison straighten him out?

[Photo via San Diego County Sheriff mugshot]