Missy Bevers Murder Case: Acquaintances of Slain Texas Fitness Instructor Received Facebook Friend Requests Under Her Name After Killing

The killer of Terri “Missy” Bevers remains at large, as law enforcement diligently continue to investigate the Texas fitness instructor’s tragic murder. Recently, the mysterious case took an odd turn, as last weekend acquaintances of the slain women began to receive Facebook friend requests under Missy’s name, according to CBS DFW.

The strange requests started occurring about a month after Missy, 45, was murdered inside a Midlothian church by what CBS DFW calls, “…a hammer-wielding intruder dressed in police gear.”

The local news media outlet spoke with a close acquaintance of Missy’s who said she received a friend request under the dead woman’s name. She stated it “startled and frightened her, as if her friend was reaching out to her from the grave.”

CBS DFW reports that according to the acquaintance, when she clicked on the request, it vanished.

Others who received friend requests under Missy’s name had attended a fitness event in Austin, also attended by Missy, the weekend prior to her killing.

The report notes a police investigator who specializes in social media forensics is looking into the matter to determine the origin of the friend requests.

A source told CBS DFW, until the investigation is complete into the mysterious requests, it is too soon to determine “whether someone was playing a sick joke,” whether the messages are simply some type of scam “trying to spoof the related social media friends online,” whether the requests are just a technical glitch, or “worst of all, whether the still-unknown killer is taunting police and the victim’s friends…”

Missy was found dead inside Creekside Church of Christ in Midlothian on April 18. A fitness instructor for Camp Gladiator, Missy had gone to the church at 5 a.m. that morning to lead an exercise class. When her students arrived on scene, they found Missy unresponsive, according to the Dallas Morning News Crime Blog.

Documents released by authorities indicate Missy died as a result of a head wound, NBC DFW reports. She had several puncture wounds on her head and chest consistent with the tool the suspect was seen carrying in the church surveillance video.

In an attempt to gain the public’s help in finding Missy’s murderer, police released an eerie video obtained from the church’s surveillance system. The footage shows a person – whose gender remains in question – walking the halls of the church just before 4 a.m., the morning Missy was killed, according to The Dallas Morning News. The person is opening doors in the church using what appears to be a hammer.

Police have announced they believe someone will be able to identify the person in the video, as he or she has an identifiable walk.

According to Fox 4 News, the killer’s height has been narrowed down to between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 7 inches tall. Police note Missy’s husband and father-in-law have been eliminated as suspects in the case. In addition, none of Missy’s family, friends, or co-workers are believed to be involved in the crime, Fox 4 News reports.

Fox 4 News reports that during a recent press conference, Assistance Chief Kevin Johnson said police hope someone will come forward with information to help solve Missy’s case.

“This is a frustrating case. It’s a hard investigation. Some people may think we are not equipped to deal with this investigation. You have to know that we have some really good help. We’ve got access to fantastic resources and personnel and experienced investigators. So yeah, it’s been frustrating. We want an arrest as bad as anybody in this case. We want to bring that sense of safety back to the community and resolve this for the family and the public in general. We’ll continue to work until that’s done…”

Authorities have also released photos of a 2010 to 2012 Nissan Altima, light in color, seen on surveillance video pulling into a parking lot near the church at about 2 a.m. on the morning of Missy’s murder, according to Fox 4 News. Police want to speak with the driver to determine if he or she witnessed anything that may aid in the investigation.

Anyone having information regarding Missy’s case is urged to call the tip line at 972-775-7624. Tipsters can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward by calling Ellis County Crime Stoppers at 972-937-7297.

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]