Mom Admitted To Killing Newborn Because He Cried

A newborn baby is dead, and now his mother has been arrested in association with his death. Crimesider reports that 22-year-old Aishia Marie Pacheco has admitted to killing the 4-day-old baby, and the reason she provided for why she committed the murder is absolutely heartbreaking.

The incident took place last Tuesday in Taylorsville, North Carolina. Authorities responded to a 911 call on claims that there was an unresponsive baby in a residence. The 4-day-old newborn was declared dead at the scene.

Fox News 8 reports that the mother of the slain newborn told authorities that she intentionally suffocated him. She also told police that she did this because he wouldn’t stop crying — a cause given by many parents who have admitted to killing their own children.

In 2015, a Bronx dad was arrested after he admitted to killing his 2-month-old son. He told authorities that the infant wouldn’t stop crying, which frustrated him to the point that he strangled the defenseless baby. He dumped the infant’s body in a wooded area, attempting to conceal what he had done. Ultimately, the 51-year-old father was charged with second-degree murder.

In 2015, a Chicago grandmother was arrested after she allegedly killed her 9-month-old granddaughter with a saw. She allegedly committed this grisly murder because the infant wouldn’t stop crying.

Earlier this year, a Houston mom was arrested after she admitted to killing her own 5-month-old daughter. Tradeszsha Bibbs told authorities that the baby wouldn’t stop crying, so she brutally beat the 5-month-old to death, causing her numerous fatal injuries to her ribs, chest, and the rest of her body.

Leah Arrington, Virginia mom, stabs crying infant daughter, police say via @yahoo

— Devora Baht Yah (@DevoraBahtYah) April 12, 2016

Also this year, a Virginia mom was arrested when she allegedly stabbed her 3-month-old infant daughter with a kitchen knife. The reason she reportedly committed this violent crime was because the infant wouldn’t stop crying. Fortunately, the infant survived in this particular case, but she was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries at the time of the incident.

As for the latest case out of North Carolina, Aishia Marie Pacheco has been charged with second-degree murder in association with the death of her newborn baby. She is also being held by the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office on bond in the amount of $1 Million.

At this time, it is not clear if the North Carolina mom has an attorney or if she will be able to post bond for her release. Reports have shared, however, that Pacheco expressed that she is “sorry” for what she did to her baby while talking to a CBS News reporter. Do you think this admitted murder was an act of malice, or did the North Carolina woman act under extreme stress and frustration like so many parents do?

[Photo via Alexander County Sheriff’s Office]