NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Trading Derrick Rose To Indiana Pacers For George Hill And Draft Pick

Even though he didn’t last a full season last year, Derrick Rose did play the most games that he’s played for the Chicago Bulls in five seasons. Injuries are still hindering him, and he’s doing better, but it appears as if his time in Chicago has run its course. The Bulls have to make some changes and it’s quite possible that trading away Rose could be one of their top priorities and the Indiana Pacers would be happy to take him off their hands.

Many teams would give a lot to take Derrick Rose even though he’s shown time and time again that he can’t stay healthy and on the court. Things may finally be going in a good direction, but it may be too late to convince the Bulls that the relationship can be saved.

The Indiana Pacers have been desperately attempting to get a point guard for some time now and feel as if George Hill just isn’t doing what needs to be done. That could be the reason that Larry Bird, Pacers president of basketball operations, could head to an arch-enemy in the Bulls to land the player he wants.

nba rumors chicago bulls derrick rose trade indiana pacers george hill draft 2016
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According to Hoops Rumors, the Pacers may make a hard play for Derrick Rose which would mean sending George Hill to Chicago. Last season, Hill averaged just 12.1 points-per-game which was way down from the year before. His rebounds were lower in 2015-2016, and his assists were also way down.

If the Pacers are going to try to make a deal with the Bulls, Hill is going to have to be a part of the package, but so would a draft pick or two. They currently have the 20th overall pick in the first round of the 2016 NBA Draft and the 50th overall pick (second round).

Chicago would most definitely ask for the first-round pick and could possibly ask for a future selection in addition to Hill.

nba rumors chicago bulls derrick rose trade indiana pacers george hill draft 2016
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This wouldn’t be the first time the Pacers are looking at trading away George Hill as it started last year, but never got done. CBS Sports reported back in February that Indiana was attempting to trade him to the Atlanta Hawks for Jeff Teague, and they may end up revisiting that deal if one for Rose doesn’t work.

Out of those two scenarios, the Pacers would get more out of the trade for Derrick Rose as Teague and Hill are very similar players. Trading for Teague would be a bit of an improvement, but Rose would instantly improve the starting five and pairing him with Paul George would be quite dangerous.

Larry Bird and the Indiana Pacers know they need to get better, and that’s why they’re always willing to make changes to see if improvements will come. Last season, they lost Roy Hibbert and David West, and they still landed in the seventh playoff spot in the Eastern Conference with a record of 45-37.

That record was 12 games away from the Cleveland Cavaliers in the No. 1 spot, but just three games away from third through sixth place.

Derrick Rose is really hoping that next season can be one that sees him go the entire duration without a single injury and completely healthy. The only thing is that he very well may have played his last game for the Chicago Bulls already as he is the subject of many trade discussions. Larry Bird and the Indiana Pacers would love to partner Rose with Paul George, but it’s going to take a bit of work an NBA Draft pick to get the deal done.

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