Shia LaBeouf Is Using Twitter To Thumb A Ride Across America In #TakeMeAnywhere Campaign

Fresh from his appearance at the Cannes film festival, Shia LaBeouf is hitchhiking across America, and he’s using Twitter to ask fans to give him a ride wherever they want to take him.

Dubbed TakeMeAnywhere, LaBeouf’s latest performance-art adventure, relies on fans of the actor picking him at GPS coordinates advertised on Twitter and taking him anywhere.

There’s no calling dibs, however. The first person to physically pick up LaBeouf and his cohorts, artists’ Nastja Sade Ronkko and Luke Turner, gets to decide their next destination. Don’t worry, the trio has promised to chip in for gas and food.

The crazy adventure started Monday in Colorado when three enthusiastic young men filmed themselves tracking down LaBeouf using the GPS coordinates he put out on Twitter earlier in the day.

“We are racing against the clock to be the first people to go see LeBeouf.”

Warning: The video is NSFW due to language.

The trio didn’t get very far with their first ride; the three men took the group to the Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, Colorado, where the actor gave impromptu tips on filming with a cell phone.

“We found him, so who knows… We’ll see where this is going to go.”

During lunch, the Transformers star apparently told the group all about his childhood, including that his father used to work as a circus clown who juggled chickens for a living. LaBeouf also admitted he was scared to go skydiving and asked not to be fed rat poison, 26-year-old Brandon Glanton told Consequence of Sound.

“He was talking about his upbringing and how he was raised by a single mother. To have everyone sitting down there, having lunch with him, it was so cool that he was so receiving. He was more humble than you can ever imagine.”

The month-long project is funded by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and the Finnish Institute in London as part of the MediaLive festival.

LeBeouf promises to continue tweeting out his GPS coordinates every day at noon until June 23, which is when the project ends. The group’s goal is to make it across the country, but with fans able to take the trio wherever they want, the real destination is anyone’s guess.

The MediaLive Festival’s director, Nicole Dial-Kay, told Boulder News the project was meant to examine corruption through the medium of the traditional American road trip.

“They’re opening themselves up to goodness or possibly the corrupt nature. It’s about openness and exploration and connecting to people.”

To make sure the experience is authentic, the festival placed no limits or restrictions on the people who pick up the trio, where they go, or what they do, Dial-Kay told Boulder News.

“We want this to be a really organic process where things can happen. We don’t want to put any limits on what might happen, because it may stop something wonderful from happening.”

A companion website is tracking the progress of LaBeouf and his companions so fans will know when the trio is near them and available for pick-up. If GPS coordinates are listed in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, the group is available to hitch a ride.

The former child Disney star-turned-Transformers headliner-turned-performance artist has been going through a bit of a transition lately. In the past, LaBeouf’s artistic endeavors have included the actor wearing a bag on his head featuring the words “I am not famous anymore” and a film marathon where LaBeouf watched all of his 29 movies back to back in chronological order.

He’s also cried in front of strangers, filmed himself taking fan phone calls, and plagiarized someone else’s work. He later apologized for the plagiarism in skywriting over Los Angeles.

To pick up LaBeouf and take him anywhere you want, follow #TakeMeAnywhere on Twitter, visit to track his GPS location, or show up in person at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art to find out where he is.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]