WWE News: Major WWE NXT Call-Ups Expected Before WWE Draft Takes Place This July

With the massive announcement of the WWE brand split returning, along with WWE SmackDown running live on the regular for the first time, a lot of things are changing in the WWE. That could be good and could be bad, and as of now we don’t know which it will be. What we do know is that WWE has a lot planned in the coming weeks leading up to the official split, and those plans could be very exciting for the fans.

According to The Wrestling Observer, the plan is to bring up a lot of talent from WWE NXT to help fill out the rosters. Many are expected to be brought up before the draft occurs. However, we should not be surprised if we have debuts occurring right after the draft as well.

Due to the loss of talent from WWE NXT, the company is reportedly “aggressively” targeting a lot of talent from around the world right now. There is a thought that some could be brought in similar to AJ Styles, in that they may bypass the NXT program and head straight to the main roster. Names like Kota Ibushi are possible in this department as the name value is more than enough for them to consider having him debut without being on NXT. He will be working the Cruiserweight Classic event, so there is a possibility.

Kota Ibushi
image via WWE

On top of this, they want him to sign and the only way they may be able to do this is by having him sign a big deal. It would not be wise of them to have him sign this deal and not use him on the main roster.

The company is expected to officially debut the likes of Bobby Roode on the NXT roster relatively soon, with the rumored plan of his debut occurring at NXT Takeover in a few weeks. We don’t know what he will do, but there is a theory he could have a match on the program. There are some who think he may bypass the NXT program as well, but this does not seem likely as the company will need stars to replace their losses from NXT.

Names like Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bayley, and even NXT Tag Team Champions Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are all rumored to be called up by the draft. Again, some very well could debut shortly after it occurs. Other names like The Revival and Carmella could be added as well, but that all depends. The reason for some call-ups would be either the clear need for a top star/tag team to add to the already big roster or the company simply needs them to fill a spot.

Nakamura Authority
image via WWE

Many believe that the loser between the Gable/Jordan vs Revival match at Takeover will head to the main roster. Both are ready to go, but WWE has a need for other tag teams with the brand split occurring. Carmella could be added simply because there will be a use for her with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady, but she could stay with NXT to hold down the fort when Bayley is called up. WWE still doesn’t have anyone there to replace her once she leaves NXT.

The rumor is that WWE may end up keeping the WWE Women’s Title on one show, and if this happens Bayley will surely be on that very show. That makes many assume that she will debut after the draft happens simply because she gets to “choose” which brand to go to or the General Manager will “sign” her for the show the title is on. This is why we can expect some to randomly show up right after the draft. If the company does have the top females on one show, we can expect the major tag teams to be on the other.

While there is no official word yet on what will happen with the titles, there is expected to be a lot of interesting things occurring between now and the WWE Draft. The thought is that WWE does not even know what they want to do for sure with everything just yet. The only thing that can be confirmed really is that a lot of new faces will be seen across all of WWE’s brands between now and the draft.

[Image via WWE]