Farewell ‘Nashville’ Series Finale [Spoilers]

ABC’s Nashville has finally come to its end. The series finale of the show aired Wednesday, May 25, 2016. Nashville finished out its fourth season and, to the surprise of many fans, was not renewed for a fifth season. Fans of Nashville have been flooding social media with the hashtag #BringBackNashville. So how did the series finale of Nashville end? With a cliffhanger of course.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

ABC shared the following synopsis of Season 4, Episode 21, ‘Maybe You’ll Appreciate Me Someday.”

“Rayna resorts to drastic measures when she learns that Maddie has crossed paths with a duplicitous figure from her past. Juliette must choose how to publicly reckon with the truth of Jeff Fordham’s death—a decision that directly affects Layla. Scarlett and Gunnar consider parting ways as bandmates, and Will finally decides to do what he should have done long ago—step up as the leader of a cause and a community.”

At the beginning of Nashville, Juliette has invited Avery, Cadence, and even Layla to fly out to L.A. on her personal jet. Layla is automatically opposed to it, but Avery makes it clear to her that Juliette is always going to be a part of his and Cadence’s life.

Meanwhile, paparazzi goes after Juliette as soon as she gets out of her car in L.A., and asks her about the night Jeff Fordham tragically died. The cameraman wants to know if Juliette was with him on the roof when he fell. Glenn rushes Juliette into her hotel and asks how they could have possibly found out about what really happened. Juliette lets him know she told Layla the truth about that night, and how Jeff had died saving Juliette’s life.

Back in Nashville, the news breaks about Juliette’s possible involvement with Jeff’s death. Layla makes an anonymous call to Jeff’s sister, and tells her she needs to contact Luke Wheeler’s son, Colt. Layla will stop at nothing to keep Avery away from Juliette.

Juliette’s team manages to work a deal with Jeff’s sister if Juliette will give her $3 million. Juliette immediately agrees to pay the money. In return, Jeff’s sister agrees to retract her statement about Juliette’s involvement in Jeff’s death. This would have been the end of Juliette’s debacle, but she can’t deal with the guilt anymore. Juliette comes clean on a national interview and tells the complete story about how she was trying to kill herself and Jeff saved her from jumping, but ended up falling to his own death.

Juliette’s manager, Glenn, who also manages Layla, calls Layla and asks her directly if she was the one who leaked the information about Juliette’s involvement in Jeff’s death. Layla denies everything, but Glenn refuses to believe her and drops Layla as a client.

Still in Nashville, Avery sees the interview on TV. He puts the pieces together about Layla as well and asks her directly if she was the cause of all of the sudden publicity. Avery realizes Layla is just using him to get back at Juliette and immediately breaks up with her.

“You’re crazy and we’re done.”

Avery calls Juliette and asks her if her suicide attempt was the result of him serving her divorce papers. Avery lets Juliette know he and Cadence will always be there for her. Juliette jumps on a plane to head back to Nashville. While Avery is waiting at the airport for her plane to arrive, he is told Juliette’s plane has gone missing. Is Juliette dead? Has her plane crashed and she is alive somewhere? Was there ever any hope for Juliette and Avery? Fans may never know.

One of Nashville‘s favorite couples, Scarlett and Gunnar, haven’t talked since he went with Autumn to see Elton John and she did her photo shoot. While Gunnar and Autumn were away they hooked up. As soon as Gunnar returns, Scarlett immediately tells him that she still loves him. Before Gunnar can explain what happened with Autumn, she walks in and starts hanging all over Gunnar, making it clear they are together now.

Autumn tells Gunnar that Scarlett is using the “L” word in an attempt to keep him for herself, even if she doesn’t really want to date him. Gunnar approaches Scarlett and asks him if that is the case and she immediately takes offense. The Exes decide they are going to break up, but before they do, Scarlett wants Gunnar to know that she wasn’t using him and truly does love him.

“I love you, because I love you.”

Scarlett and Gunnar go out for the last time as The Exes. They are ready to announce their duet breakup, but Gunnar suddenly kisses Scarlett on stage. What does the future hold for Scarlett and Gunnar? It’s certain it won’t include The Exes continuing to be an opening act for Autumn Chase.

Back in Nashville, Will continues to have problems with Cynthia Davis. She refuses to talk to him on her show, even though Will is finally ready to stand up for the gay community. Will asks for help from his ex-boyfriend, Kevin, to set up a protest outside Cynthia’s show. During the meeting he learns that Kevin is single again.

Will and several others from the gay community come out to protest outside of Cynthia Davis’ show. Anti-gay protesters show up in response. Will and Luke have set up an entire stage outside of Cynthia’s show and put on a show for the supporters.

The protest works and Cynthia agrees to interview Will if he goes on the show immediately. Will doesn’t miss a beat and does an amazing job of standing up for the gay community. It even looks like there is hope for Will and Kevin’s relationship.

Meanwhile on Nashville, Maddie finally meets her new producer, Vince Pierce. Rayna and Deacon have been following her social media accounts and see a photo of Maddie and Vince together. Rayna worked with Vince in the past and tells Deacon how he came on to her and tried to force himself on her. Rayna decides to approach Maddie’s label in effort to protect her from Vince, but the label doesn’t care. With no other way to contact Maddie, Rayna writes a letter to Maddie and releases it publicly, in hopes she will see it.

Maddie and Cash are both invited to a private party at Vince’s house. While there, Maddie finally sees the letter Rayna wrote her. Vince comes in with a drink for Maddie and starts coming on to her.

“I thought you wanted to be a grown-up and have a real grown-up career.”

Deacon shows up at the party and saves Maddie from Vince. They head back to a benefit concert Rayna is having, and the entire family makes up. Rayna, Deacon, Maddie, and Daphne are finally a family again.

It remains to be seen whether or not this is truly the end of Nashville. It looks like there might be hope, Nashies! Lionsgate posted this tweet after the show aired.

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