Zayn Malik Back Into Perrie Edwards’ Arms? Gigi Hadid Is History

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are probably no more a couple, Hollywood Life has quoted Life & Style magazine as saying. A source has stated that the former One Direction star dumped his girlfriend, supermodel Gigi Hadid. Inquisitr had previously reported that Zayn Malik might just dump Gigi Hadid and go back to Perrie Edwards.

The shocking reason behind the alleged break-up is as vague as one could expect. The magazine has reported that Zayn broke up because wanted to keep his options open. “Zayn told Gigi that he wanted to keep his options open and work on himself,” the sources have said. And of course, Gigi Hadid is in shock. “Gigi was shocked because she thought they were a perfect couple. She is absolutely heartbroken and has been feeling really sad ever since.”

Inquisitr had reported Star magazine as saying that the two were engaged. The star popped the question at Gigi’s favorite restaurant. “They were seated at a private table tucked away in the back,” a source said about the proposal. “Honestly, it didn’t look like anything special was going on, that is until Gigi practically jumped out of her seat and yelled, ‘Yes!'”

“They even got a round of applause from some other diners!” the source added. It’s not clear how much of truth there is to the news that the two are engaged, but if reports are to be believed, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are not together anymore.

The magazine went on to say that despite the engagement rumors, it has come as no surprise that the two are breaking up. “Zayn is just not sure he can fully commit to her. He’s enjoying his fame and may want to keep his dating options open. They’re definitely on the rocks.”

Is the reason behind the break-up Perrie Edwards? Inquisitr had earlier reported that Zayn Malik had gone out of his way to explain that a certain Twitter message he posted wasn’t directed at Perrie.

It goes back to when Zayn Malik tweeted rather cryptically, “Love how people feel liberated naked. Read a book liberate your brain.” However, it didn’t go unnoticed. Us Weekly had suggested that Zayn’s tweet was in fact directed at the Little Mix singer who was frequently seen wearing sizzling tour outfits.

However, Perrie Edwards defended the outfits worn by Little Mix and said, “We wear what we feel comfortable in. We’re not overly sexy in what we do anyway. We go for sexy/cute. We’d never want to be ­scandalous. I think we’ve got the right kind of balance. Some of us are 24. We aren’t going to be able to wear stuff like this for the rest of our life, and parade around in little dresses and stuff, but at the same time, we are just girls.”

Zayn Malik went out of his way to explain that what he was trying to do was not shade and that all he meant was one should “liberate yourself with education.” Zayn Malik certainly didn’t need to care, but he did.

There was something else that indicated that Zayn Malik, after all, does seem to have a soft corner for Perrie Edwards. The Inquisitr had reported that it didn’t go down well with Zayn Malik when he got to know that Louis Tomlinson, a One Direction band member, was hanging out with Perrie Edwards, the Daily Mail said. The sources went on to say that Zayn Malik also cut all ties with Louis. “Zayn sent Louis a sarcastic message the day after the BRITs saying, ‘Thanks for the loyalty’ and asked him to leave Perrie alone,” a secret source spilled, according to Sugarscape.

It certainly looks like Zayn Malik still cares for Perrie Edwards and she could be a reason for the break-up. Do you think Zayn Malik broke up with Gigi Hadid because of Perrie Edwards? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]