Prince Harry Receives Job Offers From Chippendales, Playgirl

Prince Harry has reportedly received job offers from both Chippendales and Playgirl, according to The Post Chronicle. Although the royal family is none too pleased with situation and his girlfriend has rumored to have kicked him to the wayside, it would appear that a career in nude modeling is locked down should he have an interest.

Impressed with the naked photos of Prince Harry that surfaced after the royal lad’s debauchery-laced Las Vegas holiday, Chippendales has reportedly extended a job offer to the 27-year-old. Were he to sign on for the gig, Harry would find himself co-hosting a strip show with Joey Lawrence and Ronnie from Jersey Shore.

“Chippendales at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino are reaching out to the royalty to gauge his interest in being our next guest host,” a representative explained to TMZ. “We figured that since he seems to enjoy taking his clothes off in Las Vegas, why not do it onstage at the #1 Male Revue in the World.”

Of course, Chippendales isn’t the only company looking to cash in on the Prince Harry scandal. MSN’s Celebrity Fix reports that Playgirl will pay the young man $1 million to pose nude in their magazine. Those hoping for another look at the naked prince shouldn’t hold their breath.

“I think what we all started to decide right away was just how much money the offers would go out for him,” Playgirl publisher Vincent Stevens explained. “There’s no way in the world that he would ever consider this but you’re talking about numbers in the six figures right off the bat.”

If rumors surrounding Prince Harry’s infamous Las Vegas trip are to be believed, then more uncomfortable photos could bubble to the surface before too long. According to ABC News, sources indicated that something “more serious” took place during the holiday, and Harry is more than a little nervous that a plethora of scandalous headlines could arrive in the near future.