Patrick Dempsey And Estranged Wife Jillian Fink Calling Divorce Off?

Is Patrick Dempsey back in his wife’s good graces? It looks that way. The couple announced that they were filing for a divorce after being married for 15 years back in January of 2015, but since then, neither one has moved to complete the process, and it looks like we’ve found the reason why.

As the Inquisitr reported, the two have been spotted out and about together, which isn’t odd considering they share three children together, Tallula, 13, and Sullivan and Darby, 8. However, what really made eyebrows raise was the couple strolling around Paris back in November. The pair were photographed holding hands as they took in the sights. It wasn’t an impromptu trip — they were there for work — but sources said that they were working on their marriage.

That said, we didn’t get any verbal confirmation from either party — until now. According to the Evening Standard’s ES Magazine, Patrick Dempsey thinks everything is doing well between him and his wife, Jillian Fink.

The outlet spoke to the former Grey’s Anatomy actor, and when he was asked if they were reconciling and throwing the divorce out, Dempsey said, “Yeah, I think so. You have to work at everything, and you cannot do everything. Something has to be sacrificed.”

As for sacrifices, it’s long been rumored that Patrick’s hectic schedule of filming Grey’s Anatomy and being a race car driver was weighing on his marriage, so Dempsey gave up Grey’s Anatomy to pursue other projects while keeping his time open for his family.

That’s pretty much all the confirmation anyone needs these days, but if you need more, here’s another tidbit. According to E! Online, Dempsey’s wife never finished the process of their divorce after she filed in January 2015. A judge had warned that she must file additional papers if she wants the divorce to go through. If not, then the judge would have to throw the case out and their separation wouldn’t be completed. It looks like Jillian had second thoughts and decided to leave well enough alone.

At the time of the split, a source said, “[The split] was a long time coming… They were never going to make it work, but they tried. They have had disagreements for a long time.”

It looks like the couple is proving that source wrong. In addition to strolling around in Paris, Dempsey was seen out and about wearing his wedding ring a month after Fink filed for divorce. They were also seen holding hands in London while Dempsey was filming the upcoming movie Bridget Jones’s Baby.

They stepped out as a couple in January and attended the Marie Claire Image Maker Awards, and after that were out and about in St. Barts while they vacationed as a family with their children. The last time they were photographed as a happy family was this past weekend at twins Sullivan and Darby’s soccer game.

The last bit of news we heard about Patrick is that he was begging Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes for screen time on one of her new shows, which makes no sense given that it seems like he’s found happiness outside of the show since he left.

That said, the source stated, “Patrick knows he made a lot of people on the set unhappy back then, but he’s gone through a lot of counseling since, and is prepared to be responsible for his actions. Patrick heard that Shonda is working on a new show, and is hoping to be considered for a big role.”

[Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images]