June 12, 2018
'Westworld' Season 2: Was Akecheta Speaking To Maeve Via Her Daughter, Or Was It The Other Way Around?

In Episode 8 of HBO's Westworld Season 2, Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon) relayed his story to Maeve's daughter (Jasmyn Rae). His story was then transferred to Maeve (Thandie Newton) herself thanks to the mesh network between hosts. However, could it actually have been Maeve who used this network to track down her daughter and find out what was going on?

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Episode 8 (titled "Kiksuya") of HBO's Westworld. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed this episode and would like to avoid spoilers.

As Akecheta's story unfolded in Episode 8 of Westworld Season 2 it became apparent that this Ghost Nation host had been walking The Maze for a very long time in search of his own truth as well as in an attempt to find Kohana (Julia Jones). As a result of this, it could be considered that Akecheta has been a sentient host for some time now, just like Maeve and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) are considered self-aware hosts.

So, when it was revealed at the end of Episode 8 that Akecheta had been relaying his story through Maeve's daughter so that Maeve could hear it, viewers understood that the Ghost Nation leader was telling Maeve that she should search for him if she survived.

However, Refinery 29 suggests that this might not be the case. Instead, Maeve was using the mesh network to track down her daughter after she was absconded by the Ghost Nation.

HBO's 'Westworld' Season 2, Episode 6, Phase Space, Maeve and her daughter
HBO | John P. Johnson

The mesh network is a newly explained system that exists between hosts. It is a coding that can help hosts detect other nearby hosts. In relation to normal gameplay within Westworld, this mesh system would likely help hosts predict narratives and expand on them using hosts available close by. However, since the host uprising that began when Dolores shot Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) in the Season 1 finale episode of Westworld, Maeve has been using this mesh network in a different way.

Now that Maeve has obtained a higher level of understanding about her existence, she has been able to use this mesh network not only to query hosts that are close by via their coding but to manipulate them into doing what she wants. In essence, Maeve has gained something akin to the Jedi force.

As Refinery 29 points out, with Maeve being able to access this network, she would be able to ask hosts close to her if they know the location of her daughter. If these hosts didn't know, they would then query those hosts further down the line, and so on until Maeve's daughter was located. If this is true, it would mean that Maeve was the one who made the initial connection between herself and Akecheta via her daughter and not the other way around.

As a result of this, it was not Akecheta telling his story via Maeve's daughter, but, potentially, Maeve manipulating her own daughter in order to gain information from Akecheta.

However, viewers will just have to tune in to further episodes of Westworld Season 2 to find out whether Akecheta contacted Maeve, or if Maeve contacted Akecheta and what impact this will have on the storyline.

Season 2 of Westworld returns with Episode 9 on Sunday, June 17, at 9 p.m. ET. Currently, two titles have been listed for this episode. According to HBO's trailer for Episode 9, it is listed as "One True Thing." However, according to HBO's scheduling, this episode is titled "Vanishing Point."