Sky UK Announces 3D Channel For UK Viewers. Prepares For 2010 Launch

The Sky UK Network (One of the UK’s only HD providers) has just announced that they’ll soon be offering a 3D channel, aptly named Sky 3D. The new network will require that users have a Sky+HD DVR set top box and a special 3D ready TV.

The new specially designed TV is slated to go on sale in the UK in 2010, the same time the channel will be launched. The network will offer a variety of programming including sportscasts, movies and other forms of entertainment found on mainstream channels.

Sky has yet to release an official launch date in 2010, nor have they offered any type of pricing structure. What we do know is that trial versions have shown such offerings as rugby, boxing, and a performance of swan lake.

According to SlashGear Sky 3D is expected to announce the cost of the new service and 3D ready televisions “Closer to Launch.”

In other Sky news, the company also announced a new VOD service to be launched next year.

…a comprehensive ‘pull’ video-on-demand (VOD)…provid[ing] Sky+HD customers with additional choice and control to complement Sky+ and the current Sky Anytime ‘push’ VOD service. This new service will use the broadband capability of existing Sky+HD boxes.

We’ll keep you updated when more info becomes available.