‘Chicago P.D.’ Spoilers: Season 3 Finale Leads To Heartbreak For Voight, Will He Cross Back Over To The Dark Side?

It is time for the Season 3 finale of Chicago P.D., and spoilers detail that this will be an explosive episode. Sergeant Hank Voight’s son will be fighting for his life, and the team will be intent on solving the case and capturing those responsible. However, things get complicated and ugly during the investigation, and lives may well be forever changed. There are changes and big decisions on the way, and fans will not want to miss this May 25 show.

As TV Guide details, this Season 3 finale is titled “Start Digging.” Chicago P.D. spoilers detail that the force will be looking into the murder of a single mom, and she happens to have been someone who had contact with Voight’s son. Viewers know that Voight has battled to reform himself after some very dark days on the force, and his son has struggled as well. Unfortunately, this incident may drive Hank back to the other side of the law.

Chicago P.D. spoilers via Entertainment Weekly detail that Voight’s team will be anxious to support him as he tries to get to the bottom of this case. However, they also are concerned that he will cross the line and that they may be dragged to a bad place with him. Lindsay will do her best to keep Voight on the right side of the law, but she certainly has her work cut out for her in this one.

Viewers have seen Voight’s son Justin before, and the last they saw, he seemed to have pulled his life together. However, Justin has returned to Chicago, and he ends up shot and fighting for his life. Chicago P.D. spoilers indicate that Voight will be determined to find the people responsible for the shooting no matter what it takes, and this sets off alerts for everybody close to him as they fear about how far he will be willing to go.

Of course, Lindsay is the natural one to step up to stand by Voight’s side, considering how close she has been with both Hank and Justin over the years. Will it be too much to expect her to be able to stop Voight before he goes too far, though? Chicago P.D. spoilers note that this situation will carry over into Season 4 in a sense, and there is a cliffhanger on the way.

Voight and Lindsay will track down the man who is responsible for Justin’s shooting, and the cliffhanger involves the three of them. Will Voight kill the man who shot Justin? Can Lindsay stop him before things go that far? As the Chicago P.D. spoilers from the Hollywood Reporter share, what happens to Justin will impact both the Intelligence Unit as well as Hank as the show heads toward the new season.

The good news for fans is that NBC has renewed Chicago P.D. for Season 4, not that viewers are too surprised by that move. The network has built up a strong franchise now with not only this series, and the original franchise series Chicago Fire, but with Chicago Med and the upcoming Chicago Justice as well. That last one, the spinoff that was just added recently, will debut at some point next winter.

Wednesday’s Season 3 finale also brings a big decision for Roman as well as changes initiated by Crowley. While there will be action ahead for many within the squad, it seems clear that the primary focus will be on Voight and his son’s situation.

How far will Voight go to avenge Justin’s shooting? Will Justin survive, and will Lindsay be able to prevent Hank from going too far? Fans are buzzing about what’s on the way with this Season 3 Chicago P.D. finale and cannot wait to see how it all plays out.

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