Lee Hi: YG Entertainment Soloist Reveals Yang Hyun Suk’s Opinions Of Mom’s Restaurant On ‘Weekly Idol’

YG Entertainment is known for having a plethora of talent signed on to their label. Recently, the entertainment company experienced a boost of popularity among Korean actors and actresses. Over the course of two months, YG Entertainment signed on Seo Jeong Yeon, the actress who played Ha Ja Ae in this year’s breakout K-drama Descendants of the Sun, and Lee Jong Suk, the actor known for his roles in Doctor Stranger and Pinocchio. As for their musicians, they are on top of the world too, as YG Entertainment is responsible for the powerhouse K-pop groups Big Bang and 2NE1.

Although YG Entertainment’s talent, collectively known as the YG Family, are recognized for their respective talents, sometimes YG Entertainment will recognize the personal skills their talent may have or that of their families. Case and point: Lee Hi, a YG Entertainment soloist, recently revealed what Yang Hyun Suk thinks of her mother’s cooking on Weekly Idol, and his view is definitely praise.

Before jumping into what exactly Yang Hyun Suk stated about Lee Hi’s mother’s cooking, it should be noted that Lee Hi has learned what delicious food truly was thanks to her mother’s cooking. She made such a statement during her guest appearance on Weekly Idol, as reported by AllKpop.

“My mother runs a marinated crab restaurant. I didn’t know my mom’s food was delicious when I was younger. However, I signed with the agency and ate at other places, and I realized that my mom’s food was good.”

Apparently, Lee Hi knows her mother’s cooking so well that she can actually identify it compared to the food cooked by other people. The hosts on Weekly Idol, which included guest host Hani of EXID, tested this by having Lee Hi taste food in a blindfold test. Despite the fact she could not see the food being served to her, she knew which plate was cooked by her mother.

It is only natural for Lee Hi to recognize which food her mother cooks, as it is the food she grew up eating. Not only that, her fondness for it holds a very dear place in her heart, one she realizes she cherishes when she started to live on her own as a K-pop idol.

“I really came to miss my Mom’s cooking as I started living on my own. She’s been running a restaurant specializing in marinated crab for ten years. My managers really love it.”

It is all nice and dandy that Lee Hi loves her mother’s cooking, but to everyone else, their mother’s cooking will generally always be the best. What if someone outside of that family circle were to try said cooking? It usually is a hit or miss. For Yang Hyun Suk, the chief executive officer (CEO) of YG Entertainment, it is a hit. Lee Hi revealed her boss’ response to her mother’s specialty of marinated crabs while explaining the time she treated her manager out to her mother’s restaurant.

“She’s been running it for 10 years. Recently, I went with my manager, and he was touched. Yang Hyun Suk boss also acknowledged it.”

Yang Hyun Suk must have really loved Lee Hi’s mother’s marinated crabs because Lee Hi revealed he went and bought some of them because “it is too delicious.”

For those who want to watch the episode of Weekly Idol featuring Lee Hi as the guest (the 252nd episode), it will eventually be available for viewing on iKShow.

[Photo by Ahn Young-joon/AP Images]