‘Real Housewives’ Ramona Feuding With Sonja And Dorinda Amidst Pill Popping Allegations

All aboard the Ramona coaster! Real Housewives Ramona Singer is furious at Sonja, at Dorinda, and the accusations that Ramona uses diet pills. Word is that Ramona is having a serious meltdown at being accused of being addicted to drugs, as she feuds with Sonja and Dorinda. It all seems very overwhelming to Ramona who seems manic, according to sources.

According to the Inquisitr, in response to gossiping about Sonja drinking too much and using her home as a flop house to drink and entertain men, Sonja Morgan expressed concern that Ramona Singer was mixing her diet pills with her Pinot Grigio and going off the rails. On last week’s Real Housewives, Ramona crashed a party and got into a fight with Dorinda and John, which spilled out onto the street and turned into a screaming match. Sources are saying that Ramona’s behavior has become increasingly irrational.

Radar Online says that several of the Real Housewives cast members are expressing concern about Ramona and her pill use. Allegedly, Ramona thought that nobody would ever blow the whistle on her drug use, but now they have, and Ramona is devastated.

“Ramona has lost her mind because her secret is out. She’s been calling friends crying, and is irrational and erratic.”

Now Ramona is deflecting by saying that she has her act together, but that Sonja, with the help of Countess Luann, is in real trouble with alcohol.

“Ramona is on the show slamming Luann and Sonja for being out of control and saying they’re the ones to be worried about, but the one everyone worried about is Ramona! Friends are concerned and think she needs help.”

Ramona Singer admitted in her biography that she was using pills after her husband, Mario, left her, and she was having trouble coping. It led to her falling asleep in public the way she did during the Real Housewives reunion.

“I kept nodding off because I was taking too much anxiety medication. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was overmedicating myself to combat depression.”

People Magazine is reporting that one-time bestie Sonja Morgan is not holding back when it comes to expressing her thoughts about Ramona’s recent behavior. Sonja talked to Dorinda, as she assumed in light of the public fights Dorinda would be understanding that Ramona was troubled.

“No, she’s like psycho now. She goes hot and cold. One minute she’s all lovey-dovey with me and saying how much she loves me, the next minute she goes: ‘I’m worried about you, people don’t want to invite you anymore because you’re embarrassing.'”

Sonja tells Dorinda that she is annoyed that Ramona now has the nerve to tell Sonja that she is embarrassing in public when it’s Ramona who has embarrassed nearly all of the ladies.

“I didn’t say anything to her, but you know for 30 years how I have to hear how she’s embarrassing. I would never hurt her feelings and say that, but now she’s saying it to me?!”

Morgan added that when Ramona acts strange, she acts really strange.

Reality Tea is suggesting that the friendship, based on the mutual love of booze and men is coming to an end because of finger pointing about drug use and alcoholism. Sonja now says that Ramona is a hypocrite and a bad friend.

Sonja first noticed Ramona’s odd behavior when it came to her obsession with Dorinda’s relationship with John Mahdessian.

“She’s been blurting out hurtful things about Dorinda’s relationship with John because it’s embarrassing to her?! Meaning embarrassing to Ramona. As if Ramona is never embarrassing.”

But Sonja’s thoughts on Ramona didn’t end there. Sonja is really annoyed that Ramona shares her faux concern about Luann staying at Sonja’s house with everyone.

“And then her comment about my house becoming a brothel. What is she worried about? We are adults. Our kids are away at school. We are entitled to enjoy ourselves, especially if we are about to settle down again. Ha! Ramona shouldn’t talk. She’s just getting out there again, and we have been there for a while. If I were Ramona, I would be worried about herself.”

If Ramona wanted to get more screen time on Real Housewives, she did, but it might not be all that she expected.

Do you think that Sonja is right about Ramona?

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