Miranda Simms Clears The Air, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Refutes Claims She Neglected Step-Daughter Ali Simms

Corey Simms has always spoken up for what he believes is best for his twin daughters. He starred on 16 & Pregnant with then-girlfriend Leah Messer. The two found out they were expecting twins but got more than they bargained for when they found out Ali had a disability.

Despite getting married and trying to build a family unit, Simms decided to walk away from Messer. There were instances where infidelity played a part, and he was not comfortable remaining married. Since then, there has been some back and forth between Simms and Messer, but all of that stopped when he married Miranda.

In recent years, there has been some animosity between Corey Simms and Leah Messer when it comes to the girls. He believes they should be handled a certain way and often feels like their mother isn’t always doing her best. Simms did question Messer about whether or not she was using drugs before she decided to go to rehab in Arizona last year. Despite her denials, both Corey and Miranda believe that more was going on than she was admitting.

According to Starcasm, Corey Simms is defending Miranda against allegations brought up by his daughter, Ali. During the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Ali accused Miranda of being mean by not helping her carry a heavy backpack because she was holding her baby daughter, Remi. Ali also went on to say that she doesn’t receive any attention at Simms’ house because Remi gets it all. Needless to say, Messer was not pleased with what her daughter was saying.


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Now Corey and Miranda Simms are speaking out and denying the claims of neglect. There has been a lot of accusations thrown on both sides, and this time, it seems like they may have been exaggerated according to Simms. While Miranda did deny not helping Ali, she also stressed that if she knew Ali was capable of doing something on her own, she was made to do it. Due to her disability, not much is easy for the little girl but if she doesn’t try, she will never get stronger.

As for the attention with the new baby, that is likely sibling jealousy. Remi was born last winter and spent some time in the NICU. The girls are used to being the only children in the Simms house, and it was an adjustment for them. Miranda insists there were no ill intentions directed at Ali and that the little girl was just expressing how she felt.

With all of the tension between the two families, this did not make things any easier on Corey Simms. He wants to raise the girls full-time, with Leah Messer getting them on the weekends. The two have been back and forth to court several times, and nothing seems to be accomplished. Back in October, Simms was awarded physical custody, but that was changed just this past February. It looks like Simms may be looking to file again, and this could work in his favor. With all of the Teen Mom 2 footage that has Messer doing the wrong things, he could possibly win sole custody of the girls if he pressed hard enough.

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The accusations thrown at Miranda Simms by Ali were a little heartbreaking for viewers to watch. Miranda has been heavily criticized for her role as a step-mom, and now she is being accused of neglect with Ali. It will be interesting to see how Leah Messer responds to this and what the outcome will be. Corey Simms will not be allowing his wife to be bashed over something like this, especially since the basis isn’t even the full truth.

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