‘Deus Ex’ Trailer: Latest Live-Action Teaser Reveals Events Leading Up To ‘Mankind Divided’

A new Deus Ex: Mankind Divided teaser trailer titled, “The Mechanical Apartheid,” has been released revealing the global unrest that precedes events in the game. Live-action trailers for video games are rarely a big draw for the title. They usually depict people either exaggeratedly enjoying the game or have actors green-screened into the game in a cheesy fashion. The latest trailer released by Eidos Montréal goes beyond the typical live-action video game trailer.

As PCGamesN puts it, “Before you click away due to the phrase ‘live action trailer‘ – nah, this one is actually pretty good.”

Here it is. Warning: Viewer discretion advised.

Instead of focusing on the game, the trailer concentrates on what happens in the world before the events in Mankind Divided. It is a montage of clips from news broadcasts and moments in the life of a couple living through the times.

The Deus Ex trailer tells a brief four-minute story of a couple, perhaps a husband and wife. She is augmented with a prosthetic arm, and he is unaugmented. It depicts the changes that their relationship goes through as the world around them grows more and more chaotic due to problems arising from augmented people.

Due to the Illuminati’s hijacking of augs, which occurred in Human Revolution, the wife unintentionally and violently attacks her husband. The media begins to campaign about the problem and insists that these people are not normal and that they need to be contained. The government grows increasingly totalitarian and starts rounding up people with augmentations and placing them in concentration camps. However, the husband remains determined to stand by and protect his wife from the government thugs.

As the Deus Ex teaser continues, the medication that prevents people’s bodies from rejecting the artificial limbs and organs begins to run out. The situation worsens, and there is a call for a “mechanical apartheid.” The couple watches as the news coverage grows continually negative toward the augmented population. The husband eventually begins to buy into the propaganda that people with augmentations, including his wife, are somehow less than human. Through all this, they manage to pull it together and overcome the mass hysteria until they are forcefully separated by the government.


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The Deus Ex live-action trailer is well-made despite its gritty feel and appearance. The acting is a bit low-budget, but that can be forgiven because the rest of the teaser is competently put together.

Kotaku states, “Sure, the acting is a little schlocky and those news reporters are going a little hysterical but the main thrust of the video deals with some really interesting points I’m hoping will appear in the main game.”

The chaotic nature of the short video sets the viewer on edge almost from the beginning, creating a sense of being in the moment with the couple. It uses themes that parallel current events to give the viewer the psychological feeling that what is happening is not too far flung from reality. The teaser also mixes in bits of conspiracy theory that correlates to the real world. The filmmakers even included an actor who resembles Alex Jones, spewing a rant about the government’s concentration camps.

Deus Ex trailer uses actor who resembles Alex Jones
[Image via Eidos Montréal]

The Deus Ex teaser also used nicely rendered elements from the game series to link Human Revolution to Mankind Divided. It heavily borrowed limb augmentation images and clips from the Deus Ex website and even created new ones that have not been seen before. It also shows a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) vehicle in action. The VTOL was Adam Jensen’s primary means of transportation in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

All in all, the Deus Ex live-action trailer was an excellent glimpse into the world of Adam Jensen without actually including Adam Jensen. Like the Deus Ex 101 trailer from about a month ago, the latest teaser is something of a mini-prequel for Mankind Divided. However, this time, the producers decided to focus more on the world of Deus Ex and excluded Jensen entirely.

As the release date for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided fast approaches, Eidos is clearly gearing up to create as much hype as possible before the game hits store shelves. Be prepared for a few more trailers within the next 90 days or so that show more of what the game will have to offer, including gameplay footage and clips from cutscenes.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided comes out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on August 23, 2016.

[Image via Eidos Montréal]