When Kate Middleton Is Pregnant, Her Medical Team Is Sworn To Secrecy

When Kate Middleton was pregnant twice, her medical team couldn’t tell a soul.

The duke and duchess used their garden party at the Buckingham Palace as an opportunity to thank the royal medical team for providing two smooth labors. Kate’s medical team consisted of 23 team members from the Imperial College Healthcare at London’s St. Mary Hospital, reported People Magazine.

Princess Kate and Prince William took some time at their garden soirée to catch up with Professor Tiong Ghee Teoh, who was the couple’s advising gynecologist and obstetrician, and Dr. Johanna Bray, an anesthesiologist at the London-based hospital.

When Kate Middleton was pregnant, Professor Teoh and Dr. Bray were the sector part of the large medical team that was in charge of being on call in case the princess went into labor. For three months, the two experts surrendered their social life to be at the beckon call of the royals, explained Dr. Bray.

“You never know when you need to be called. You need to be in town and available. If you are at a party you need to have your car keys at the ready. No drinking!”

Still, the strangest part with these well-orchestrated labors was Professor Teoh and Dr. Bray weren’t even at the initial births of the royal children. Teoh even admitted to not being the doctor who performed the delivery, he told reporters at the garden party.

“I was back-up to Guy Thorpe-Beeston.”

Kate Middleton being pregnant is not only tough for her, but the entire team involved with any of her births. The large group consisted of two obstetricians, three midwives, four surgical staff members, three anesthesiologists, two staffers who specialized in baby care, a lab technician, and three to four managers. The army of medical staffers constantly had meetings to prepare for the births, Dr. Bray explained.

“There were about 20 of us that would regularly meet to discuss things.”

Still, nothing could go wrong when Kate Middleton was pregnant, explained Professor Teoh.

“We had a huge team. Anything that could possibly go wrong, we had a team of people behind each specialty.”

Most importantly, the medical team had to remain mum about her pregnancies, according to Professor Teoh, explaining that “everyone was sworn to secrecy.”

As hard as it was working under these circumstances for the medical team, Kate was a great patient. She was also in good health, which made both labors easy to do. Professor Teoh said the princess “was a fit young woman” and “that was the most important thing.”

While some might think Kate Middleton’s pregnancies are the only ones that are given special treatment, it’s actually quite the opposite. Dr. Bray told People Magazine that all women who deliver at St. Mary’s Hospital are given equal care. Other pregnant women who decide to deliver at the hospital can have a similar medical team to Kate, if they would like. Still, since Middleton is a princess and a member of the royal family, she was given a set team of medical professionals to help her out through her labors.

Both of Kate Middleton’s pregnancies went smoothly, thanks to her amazing team at St. Mary’s. Professor Teoh said the duchess “was very appreciative” of her staff’s help. She also told the professor that “there were a lot more people behind the scenes than she realized.”

Despite the “fuss” that had occasionally occurred behind the scenes prior to the birth, Dr. Bray said there was “no fuss at all” during each labor. Dr. Bray and the rest of the medical staff accomplished their goal, she explained.

“At the end of the day you want to deliver a healthy, happy baby to a healthy, happy mother – and that’s what happened.”

High-five, Kate!

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]