‘Honor Student’: Don’t Miss Lifetime’s New Stalking Movie Starring Josie Loren, Niall Matter

Honor Student is not a Lifetime movie that you will want to miss this Sunday. Known as Una Estudiante Ejemplar, this newest movie by the Lifetime channel is written by Linda J. Cowgill and David DeCrane with Penelope Buitenhuis directing. The cast of Honor Student stars Josie Loren as Teresa Smith, Niall Matter as Reggie (Nicholas) Howarth, Shauna Johannesen as Lana, Sarah Strange as Erica, Enid-Raye Adams as Marcia, Michael Hogan as Sheriff Stanton, Angela Moore as Caroline, Lisa Durupt as Shannon, Jessica Storm Smith as Abby, Charles Siegel as Harry, Denalda Williams as Wanda, and Veena Sood as Dr. Morani.

Honor Student Synopsis

Reggie (Nicholas) Howarth is giving back to society when he takes on a job teaching classes to prisoners who are interested in writing. Encouraging each inmate to tell their story from deep inside their heart and soul, Howarth is very impressed with some of their work. After the prison course comes to a close, Howarth goes from writing professor to best-selling author with his book, Killer Student, which is selling all over the country. On his book tour, he entertains thousands of beautiful female fans who’ve traveled a great distance just to get their books signed.

Reeling from the success of Killer Student, the professor’s life takes a dramatic turn after he comes across a former student at one of his book signings. But, this is no ordinary student. The woman is Teresa Smith, an inmate who took one of his prison writing courses a year earlier. Now, she’s out and she’s back! But, she’s out for more than just a friendly conversation with the handsome professor, she wants what’s owed to her — half the earnings from his book — which she claims he stole from her.

When Howarth tries to ignore her and refuses to pay up, Teresa begins stalking him and his family, demanding that he gives her $10,000 in cold, hard cash. With his tires slashed and his world falling apart, Reggie finally admits that he was inspired by her words but denies plagiarizing her work. Not knowing what to do next, Reggie takes his stalking complaint to the local police, where he learns that Teresa Arlington Smith was in prison for killing another professor 15 years earlier. Now, he must decide if his life and the book’s revenue is worth going up against a crazed-female killer.

Lifetime’s Honor Student originally came out in 2014 and was filmed in Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada. According to IMDB, it is produced by 24 Frames Digital Films and Criminal Pictures with Tom Berry, David DeCrane, and Stefan Wodoslawsky as executive producers.

In some true stories, it is usually the students who are accused of plagiarism. But, there have been a couple of plagiarism cases involving professors.

  • Former Arizona State University professor Matthew C. Whitaker was accused by his faculty members of stealing ideas from books and online websites. He was found not guilty in 2011. He was accused of plagiarism again in 2014, after the release of his new book.
  • In 2014, University of Arizona professor Susannah Dickinson was accused of plagiarizing one of her students. Though the school stated that they take each allegation of plagiarism seriously, Dickinson was only reprimanded by the university, according to Tucson.

As for students stalking their college professors, it does happen, as indicated by these true facts, according to Jezebel.

“According to True/Slant’s Kashmir Hill, about 5-6% of Americans have been victims of stalking. But a third of the 934 professors at Indiana universities who responded to a 2007 survey said they had been stalked at some point in their careers. Almost half — 46% — of respondents who had been stalked were male. Dr. Robin Morgan, the clinical psychologist who conducted the survey, says professors face a disproportionate risk of stalking, often ‘with no previous sexual relationship, unlike the stalking that tends to occur in the general population.’ Morgan says the most common type of campus stalker is ‘the delusional stalker.’ “

Honor Student airs on the Lifetime channel this Sunday, May 29, at 7 p.m. Mark your calendars for this one, folks.

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