WWE News: Foreign WWE Fans Are Freaking Out Over The Charlotte And Ric Flair Angle On ‘WWE RAW’

In the world of pro-wrestling, there is a word known as “kayfabe.” It is a simple thing. What you see on television was scripted to happen. That means any promo you see was purposely written out ahead of time so that you could see a performer, well, perform. It is all acting. However, kayfabe is the art of not giving that up. It is sticking to the lie, if you will. It would be like if you saw Stephen Amell on the street and called him the Green Arrow. Yes, he plays the character on television, but he is not the actual superhero in real life. In WWE, guys have to stick to their character a lot.

It used to be that people would stick to the character completely. Today, the men and women of WWE act professional and move away from their character outside of WWE. Some hardcore fans would rather see wrestlers stick to their character, but we see what we see regardless.

Due to this, you would imagine that many would understand that every storyline we see on television would be taken as a story and not real life. On top of this, you would imagine that those who know this won’t freak out when a storyline occurs.