Hillary Clinton Email Policies Faulted By State Department, Democrat Front-Runner Ripped By Republicans

A State Department investigation has faulted Hillary Clinton for poor cyber security policies during her time as Secretary of State, and Republican leaders have been quick to attack the Democratic front-runner.

The long awaited report from the State Department’s independent watchdog also cited four previous secretaries of State for poor management policies that could have resulted in a breach of security.

A private email server and months of missing records were cited as violations of State Department policies and practices, according to the long-awaited report from the inspector general appointed by President Barack Obama.

Clinton was cited for ignoring the security risks of a private email server, using a private email account and failing to turn over documents after she left office in 2013, State Department spokesman Mark Toner told the Wall Street Journal.

“It is clear that the department could have done a better job preserving emails and records of secretaries of State and their senior staff going back several administrations. We also acknowledge the report’s finding that compliance with email and records-management guidance has been inconsistent across several administrations.”

The former Secretary of State turned Democratic front-runner has long argued the use of a private email server didn’t violate federal law, but the inspector general found it was against department policy, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“Department employees must use agency-authorized information systems to conduct normal day-to-day operations because the use of non-Departmental systems creates significant security risks.”

Toner noted the State Department started working to improve its cyber security measures and electronic management systems in 2015 and has already made several strides in that area.

Clinton’s handling of classified emails has continued to plague her presidential campaign, and the latest report promises to add more fuel to the fire. Wednesday, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus seized on the IG report as further proof Hillary is unfit to be president, reports Politico.

“This detailed inquiry by an Obama appointee makes clear Hillary Clinton hasn’t been telling the truth since day one, and her and her aides’ refusal to cooperate with this probe only underscores that fact.”

California Sen. Barbara Boxer, Clinton’s ally, was quick to come to her defense, citing the report’s findings that the entire State Department since Colin Powell failed to follow proper cyber security guidelines, reports Politico.

“This IG report states in its conclusion that every single secretary of state did the same thing.”

Clinton’s press secretary Cheryl Mills noted the report confirms the State Department knew about Hillary’s use of personal emails and there was no evidence pointing to a breach of State Department security.

The controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s emails began in March, 2015, when it became public knowledge the former Secretary of State had used a private email server for official communications instead of one provided the State Department.

During the investigation, thousands of Clinton’s emails were retroactively designated as classified documents. The Democratic front-runner’s political opponents were quick to seize on this as proof she inadvertently contributed to the 2012 Benghazi attack that claimed the life of U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Now, with the release of the long awaited IG report, Clinton allies were happy to claim victory of a sort, as the report’s findings indicate the Democrat front-runner conducted herself in the same manner as every Secretary of State since Colin Powell.

The State Department did have policies in effect to guard against the kind of action taken by Clinton, but those weren’t enforced until 2015, after Hillary had left office.

What do you think of the news that the Inspector General has faulted Clinton for poor cyber security measures during her time as Secretary of State?

[Photo by AP Photo/Matt Rourke]