Horse Hair Goals: ‘Frederik The Great’ Has Long Black Curly Mane And 16,000 Facebook Fans

A horse named “Frederik the Great” is one who must be seen to be believed. As seen in the following photos, Frederik has indeed earned his title as the world’s most handsome horse. With a stunning black coat and a long, gorgeous mane, Frederik looks like a statue of a horse more than a real horse.

According to the Daily Mail, even Frederik’s mane changes styles based on the horse’s mood.

Already, the Frederik the Great Facebook page has gained nearly 17,000 followers.

Frederik the Great also has more than 10,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, with videos like the below one showing off the horse’s sheer beauty.

That YouTube video showcases Frederik’s power and the way in which even his tale’s hair billows in the wind as he struts along. The horse’s muscles, shiny black coat, and amazing mane have captivated the internet and have caused the Daily Mail article to be shared more than 19,000 times.

Frederik is causing folks to joke that they need to buy horse shampoo after witnessing just how amazingly long and lustrous the horse’s mane appears. Frederik the Great reportedly has captured the attention of fillies as well, with the Friesian stallion’s silky black coating.

It is a mane of wavy black hair that has Frederik the Great also being dubbed the real-life Black Beauty, harkening back to the popular novel from the 1800s — and later, movies of the same name — which changed the way people admired horses and made folks consider being kind to animals in general.

Now amazing photos of Frederik the Great on social media are making people do a double-take before sharing photos of the handsome horse to their own timelines. Frederik is a Friesian stallion who shares a name with a Prussian ruler from the 1700s.

According to Frederik’s owner, Pinnacle Friesians, the stallion resides in the Ozark region of the U.S., which means Frederik could be trotting around the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas or Missouri. Frederik’s breed is almost extinct, notes the website, explaining that Stacy Nazario selected the stallion.

Inbreeding is a concern for the Friesian breed, therefore the owner boasts in their pure-blooded black homozygous Friesians for the task of studding. Photos of Frederik taken by a photographer named Cally Matherly are now getting worldwide attention with Frederik’s beauty going viral.

On the Frederik the Great Facebook page, a post from February 26 noted that the first baby of Frederik the Great would soon go up for sale, with the post calling it a rare opportunity indeed. With all of the viral attention on the beautiful horse, that is one baby horse — or foal — that should sell for a pretty penny.

Most folks are probably wondering about Frederik’s hair care routine. A video posted to the Frederik the Great Facebook page more than one year ago is a behind-the-scenes video showing the horse getting his hair brushed in his trailer. The video’s description jokes about how the horse tries to help with his own mane’s grooming.

“I can help signed, Frederik the Great.”

Other Facebook posts from the page of Frederik the Great, like one from November 7, 2014, share inspirational quotes as if written by the horse himself, which note his heavenly beauty’s source.

“On Loan from the Great Creator for beauty is God’s handwriting~ signed, Frederik the Great.”

Another quote from Freddie, as some of the horse’s Facebook fans call Frederik, comes straight out of the Book of Job.

When the Frederik the Great Facebook page added a new photo to the album titled “THUNDER…….” on September 9, 2014, the horse repeated a question found in Scripture, as it relates to the manes of horses.

“Hast thou clothed his neck with thunder? ~ GOD ~ signed Frederik the Great”

[Featured image via Pat Edo]