Anna Duggar Allows Josh Duggar To Have Cell Phone Again, But With Limitations

Josh Duggar is back home from sex rehab and spending time with his family again. However, In Touch Weekly is sharing that Josh’s life isn’t exactly the same since he got home. He was cheating on his wife, Anna Duggar, by using the Ashley Madison website to find women. Now that he is back home, Anna doesn’t want to take any chances of Josh cheating on her again, so she is doing everything she can to keep this from happening. Hopefully, Josh Duggar has learned his lesson.

It turns out that Anna Duggar is letting Josh have a phone once again, but he isn’t carrying around the latest smartphone. Instead, Josh just has a simple phone that can only do a few things. Josh can call home or send a text, but with this phone, Josh Duggar can’t send or receive picture messages. This also means that he won’t be browsing the internet and doing a ton of stuff with this phone. Maybe this will help Josh Duggar keep his act together.

A source shared that Josh Duggar isn’t allowed to have a phone that will send picture messages. It has not been revealed if this is Anna’s rule or maybe a rule that Josh was given during rehab. This could be something that they told him would keep him from having issues again in the future.

Recently, Josh went to Anna’s grandmother’s funeral with her. The source shared that things didn’t go great for Josh with some of Anna’s family.

“He tried to talk to Anna’s sister Susanna, saying he was sorry he hadn’t talked to her since everything happened, and it got really awkward. She stopped him and said, ‘You don’t have to apologize to me. If you’d had an affair on me, we wouldn’t be married anymore.'”

The source also said that Josh Duggar tried to sit down next to Daniel, who is Anna’s brother, and Daniel got up and moved because he didn’t want to sit by Josh. When Josh first cheated on Anna, Daniel was talking bad about Josh, and it was obvious he is not a fan. It may take a lot for Josh to win back over Anna’s family because they are really upset by what happened.

The Hollywood Gossip shared that Anna Duggar’s family might finally be starting to forgive Josh, but it doesn’t look like that is the case. Anna didn’t divorce Josh after everything that was going on and decided to stay with him. Anna has said that she totally forgives Josh. Her family was spotted with Josh for her grandma’s funeral, but it doesn’t sound like all is forgiven. It may take a lot for Josh to ever win them over.

The Inquisitr already shared that Josh Duggar is hoping to win over the viewers and even get his own reality show. A source shared that Josh is even willing to go on a few shows like Dr. Phil if he needs to do it so that he can win everyone over. Right now, Josh Duggar needs an income to help take care of his wife and four children. At this time, he is selling used cars, and the Duggar family doesn’t have any reality shows that are confirmed to be coming back to TLC. Right now, Jill & Jessa: Counting On has not been confirmed for another season.

Do you think that Josh Duggar should be allowed to have a cell phone where he can send pictures? Are you shocked to hear that he isn’t allowed to have one? Sound off in the comments section below. Hopefully, viewers will see the Duggars on television again soon.

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