WWE Rumors: Backstage Update On Plans For AJ Styles — Is WWE Burying Its New Star?

At the Royal Rumble in January, AJ Styles made his long-awaited debut in WWE, and he has since been thrown into some huge feuds. He feuded with Chris Jericho and took him on in a great match at WrestleMania 32. Since then, he has been in the main events of the last two pay-per-views (PPV) as he’s chased the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Now, he seems to be lost in the shuffle, and rumor has it that WWE is trying to bury him.

In the past week alone, AJ Styles was defeated cleanly by Roman Reigns in the main event at Extreme Rules, and that comes less than a month after the same result at Payback. On Monday Night Raw, Styles lost to Kevin Owens in a Money in the Bank qualifying match.

Those over at Flickering Myth believe that the Styles’ losing streak is a sign of WWE trying to bury the star for not signing with the company for so many years. Not just that, but he was fed to the champion as “Roman Reigns’ fodder” so that Reigns could be seen as a certifiable leader.

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On Monday Night RAW, Styles parted ways with The Club as he told Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows that he will have their back, but he doesn’t need their help. As reported by PWMania, Styles was interviewed backstage at the SmackDown taping last night, and he was asked about what is coming next for him.

All that Styles had to say was that he didn’t know, and he walked off from the interview.

This is leading many to believe that he will not be doing a lot in WWE over the coming weeks or that the writers don’t have anything for him to do. Actually, that’s about as far from the truth as possible, as he is not being buried and there is plenty coming for him.

wwe rumors aj styles plans bury the club finn balor main event
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According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE has some very big plans going forward for AJ Styles, and he’s not being buried. Seth Rollins is back and he is moving on to face Roman Reigns for the WWE Title at Money in the Bank, so that does leave Styles out of the title picture, but only for now.

It’s not exactly known if WWE is going to drop him out of the title picture entirely, but there appears to be something in the works for “The Phenomenal One.”

The return of Seth Rollins has changed the entire scheme of the main event scene, and it’s going to lead to some rather interesting programs. Last night on Sportscenter, Rollins was interviewed about his return and even spoke of AJ Styles. Could that be a sign of a feud to come?

Rollins spoke about wrestling Styles in the past, but he would love for that feud to be rekindled now that they are both in WWE. It’s quite possible that the company could possibly have them face off for the title sometime in the future.

For now, Styles will move onto something new and it isn’t yet known exactly what that is. WWE has plans for him, but it appears as if they are taking things slow and building up to something big…Finn Balor, perhaps?

AJ Styles is not likely going to be buried by WWE as he is far too valuable an asset to this or any wrestling promotion in the world. Just because he didn’t win the WWE Title against Roman Reigns and he’s separating from The Club doesn’t mean that he’s in the doghouse. There are still big plans in place for Styles and it’s not likely that he will even drop out of the main event scene.

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