Drug Smuggling Granny Busted For Transporting Dutch Marijuana

A 76-year-old drug-smuggling German granny has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years for her crimes, according to The Voice of Russia. Since beginning the illegal operation in 2006, the woman has allegedly moved over a ton of Dutch marijuana from the Netherlands to Germany. For each run, the grandmother reportedly netted approximately 700 euros.

The woman’s adventures in the drug-smuggling business began when her car broke down outside of the Dutch town of Venlo. Before long, two strange men came along and helped the lady get her vehicle back in working order. Sensing an opportunity to do some business, the men asked the grandmother if she would be interested in transporting some detergent across the German border. The containers, of course, contained marijuana. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Local reports that, in the beginning, her employers only reimbursed her for fuel. However, once they determined she was reliable and the trips became much more frequent, they decided to start paying the granny for her drug-smuggling services. Although detergent containers were used to move the drugs, the dealers also packed the pot inside various boxes and gym bags.

Years later, the woman was in deep with the dealers, which made it difficult for her to turn her back on the operation, her lawyer claims. On a positive note, transporting the marijuana back and forth between destinations on a regular basis ultimately helped keep the elderly woman active and healthy. Although the attorney attempted to portray his client as a sickly victim, a judge ultimately decided she was a prime candidate for prison life.

Now, it would seem, the 76-year-old drug smuggling granny will spend almost three years behind bars from her participation in the trafficking scheme. However, as of this writing, very little is known about the men who hired the grandmother to move the drugs.