Missy Bevers Update: Husband Opens Up, Says He Shouldn’t Be Ruled Out

A month after fitness instructor Missy Bevers was killed inside a Midlothian, Texas, church, police still haven’t made an arrest. Her husband opened up this morning about his wife’s death, stating that no one should be eliminated from the investigation, including himself.

FOX 4 reports that Brandon Bevers, Missy’s husband, meets with investigators each week to go over the progress in the case. Although it’s still yet to be solved, he stated he’d forgive whoever killed his wife, as long as they came forward, which would provide closure for the Bevers family. While addressing the assailant, Brandon said the following.

“Odd as it may sound, I can truly forgive you for what you’ve done. But only if you come forward. Turn yourself in. Do what’s right. Don’t live the rest of your life with this in your heart because it will eat you like cancer. The same applies with my family. We need closure. This is going to eat us alive for many years to come.”

Brandon said his three daughters are doing as good as possible since the death of their mother, despite their parents dirty laundry being aired to the public. Earlier this month, police announced that text messages uncovered that there may have been financial problems and extramarital affairs going on, something that Bevers had no problems addressing. He said one particular marriage issue was already being dealt with prior to Missy’s death.

“Most people in society don’t have their baggage strewn out in public like this. But the problems we encountered, I would say 80 percent of society deals with the same problems. In our particular case, we were dealing with our problems and attempting to overcome. And that’s what kept us together.”

Brandon also touched on his family being cleared by investigators. Last week, authorities announced that no one in the Bevers family is a suspect or person of interest. To Brandon, however, this doesn’t mean police should rule anyone out. On the contrary, he said that no one should be ruled out until the suspect is caught.

“It’s just like the officer said today when I met with them; myself and everybody else in this investigation, despite the fact that they’ve come out and said they’re no longer suspects doesn’t mean they’ve been eradicated from the investigation because the door has to remain open. Once they’ve scoured the field they should never close the door, you know.”

The worried husband said he’s exhausted every scenario that he could think of that would bring someone to kill a woman who was well-liked within her community. On April 18, at close to 4:20 a.m., Missy entered the Creekside Church of Christ in Midlothian, a town around 25 miles southwest of Dallas, to prepare to teach a 5 a.m. Camp Gladiator fitness class. An unknown person, dressed in SWAT gear, was waiting inside the church, and bludgeoned the mom of three to death. A fitness student found Missy lifeless shortly after, but the suspect was already long gone.

Since her death, investigators have diligently worked to crack the case, including using state-of-the-art forensics equipment to get a better description of the killer. Although detectives are still uncertain if the suspect is male or female, they are almost certain that Missy was targeted, and wasn’t the victim of walking into a botched burglary. The suspect was captured on camera trying to break into doors and busting windows inside the church, but investigators think it was done to stage a burglary, to cover up the true intention of killing Missy.

SWFA Outdoors is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to arrest and conviction of the party responsible for killing Missy Bevers. The reward is coupled with a previously-announced $10,000 reward from Oak Farm Dairies, bringing the total reward amount to $20,000. To report a tip, call (972) 775-7624 or Crime Stoppers at (972) 937-PAYS.

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