Homeless teens set out to change New York rooftops

One of the hot topics in the whole ‘green’ movement is the idea of turning city rooftops into living green spaces with everything from gardens growing vegetables to small parks. In New York this challenge is being taken up by the most unlikely of groups of people – the homeless kids that live in the city.

At-risk teens who live at Covenant House, a homeless shelter in New York, have decided that they want to make a change in the city they call home and have set about to create a citywide “skyscraper garden” across Manhattan. A roof of a nine-story building in midtown Manhattan is their first project that they have completed and was done in collaboration with Seeding the City.

Through the program they will be water and tending the seedlings that will be planted on other roofs around the city. the hope is that by the time they are done they will have help to create a rooftop garden that is spread across the whole city.

hat tip to Treehugger