Michael Jackson Had A Secret Lover Who Tells All In New Book, Including Jackson’s True Sexuality

Michael Jackson allegedly had a secret lover and is telling all in a new book that’s due out in August. Shana Mangatal says she had an on-again-off-again intimate relationship with Jackson for over 20 years. Mangatal, who’s now approximately 46-years-old, went on to say in an exclusive Radar Online interview that Michael Jackson’s death was so painful that she’s just now been able to openly talk about the “King of Pop.”

In the book titled Michael and Me: The Untold Story of Michael Jackson’s Secret Romance, Mangatal reveals Jackson’s true sexuality, as well as how she was able to keep her affair with Jackson a secret for two decades.

Not much is known about Michael Jackson’s secret ex-lover, but Shana Mangatal was reportedly once an actress who Jackson cast in two of his short films. According to Mangatal, after she met Jackson as a fan in 1988, the two became and stayed friends until Michael Jackson’s death from sudden cardiac arrest in 2009. Mangatal claims that Jackson flirted with her on their very first meeting, and that’s when she knew his true sexuality. Despite rumors that Jackson may have been asexual with no sexual feelings or desires at all, Mangatal says there was more to Jackson than meets the eye.

“Their relationship was quiet and sweet and real — a closely guarded secret, known only to a few trusted employees and friends,” according to a press release mentioned by Page Six on May 20.

Through a secret relationship that lasted for 20 years, Mangatal learned that Jackson really wasn’t the man-child that the media made him out to be. Even though Michael Jackson had several public heterosexual relationships over the course of his nearly 51 years alive, with his first serious “real date” as a teenager with American actress Tatum O’Neal in the 1970s, media attention still portrayed Jackson as possibly gay but not exactly straight either. Rumors swirling around Michael Jackson’s sexuality started after an allegation that Jackson allegedly picked up a male construction worker for sex. Claims were also made that Jackson liked to wear women’s clothing, and, of course, there were the famous child sexual abuse accusations in 1993 that accused Jackson of having an inappropriate relationship with a 13-year-old boy.

But Mangatal says that Michael Jackson most certainly wasn’t asexual, bisexual, or gay. Jackson undeniably “loved women,” she wrote in her new tell-all book about her secret love affair with the late misunderstood superstar. A report published on Queerty, a popular online gay-oriented magazine, says that Jackson never really clued anyone in on his true sexual orientation. According to the report, at least one of Jackson’s two marriages was fake, sex talk made him extremely uncomfortable, and the fact that he had a child with a surrogate mother all lead fans to believe Jackson may have been asexual with no longing for sexual affection from either males or females.

If fans would have known about Michael Jackson’s 20-year relationship with Shana Mangatal, views of Jackson’s sexuality may have been different. For years, Jackson had several different intimate encounters and phone conversations with Mangatal. Mangatal says they even wanted a formal relationship, but the timing was always off, mainly due to Jackson’s first marriage to Lisa Marie Presley in 1994, his second marriage to longtime friend Debbie Rowe in 1996, and fatherhood. Mangatal said she always wanted more with the iconic pop singer, but their secret relationship only occurred before, during, and after Jackson’s marriages.

“There was a time when it progressed to the next level, but the reason it ended was because of his marriage,” said Mangatal.

Shana Mangatal explained that Michael Jackson’s death was very painful to her. Not quite 10 years after Jackson divorced Debbie Rowe, the “Bad” singer was found dead of a prescription drug overdose. Mangatal didn’t reveal in the Radar Online interview how close she became with Jackson after his divorce from Rowe in 1999, but she did say that the book covers all of that. Michael and Me: The Untold Story of Michael Jackson’s Secret Romance will hit the stands on August 29, what ironically would be Michael Jackson’s 58th birthday.

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