WWE News: Seth Rollins Reveals Who He Wants To Wrestle In WWE

Seth Rollins made his WWE return at Extreme Rules when he ran in at the end of the Roman Reigns vs. A.J. Styles WWE world title match to lay out Reigns with the Pedigree and make his intentions clear. Seth waited until the end of the match to make the run-in, but it was the other man in the match that holds a very important place in the career of Rollins.

On Tuesday night, Rollins made his second appearance on the ESPN series Off The Top Rope, and talked about his return from injury, the recent influx of young talent into the WWE, and who he would like to wrestle down the line. While Rollins wants to step into the ring next with Roman Reigns to win back the WWE world title, he also wants to wrestle against A.J. Styles.

Rollins pointed out that he wrestled A.J. Styles 10 years ago in front of small crowds and would love to wrestle him again now that they are in the WWE. Seth said it would be like going full circle and would be great to put on a show in front of large crowds. Rollins then went even further and said that A.J. Styles was always an idol of his and he patterned his style after that of Styles.

A.J. Styles came into the WWE with a bang, keeping his name and making his debut on the main roster, passing up NXT completely, by debuting at the Royal Rumble. He made it a long way through that match before Kevin Owens eliminated him. He has since feuded with Chris Jericho, where they split the series even though Styles lost to Y2J at WrestleMania 32.

Styles then moved into a feud with WWE world champion Roman Reigns. In their two pay-per-view matches, Reigns won each time, but A.J. proved that he is a main-event caliber WWE talent. The pair of matches were easily the best Roman Reigns matches over the last year. Now that Seth Rollins is back, A.J. will move on to another feud.

Despite this, 411mania reported that the WWE still has major plans for A.J. Styles despite the two losses to Roman Reigns. From the look of it, Styles will be heading into a feud with his former friends from the Bullet Club. There is also the fact that the WWE today announced that they are doing a new brand split, so more stars will get a chance to shine.

That really opens things up for people like A.J. Styles and the returning Seth Rollins. Rollins will likely be who faces Roman Reigns for the next few months. They already announced the match at Money in the Bank, but a second title match between Seth and Roman at SummerSlam is almost assured. After that, there might be a perfect chance to set up a series of matches with A.J. Styles and Seth Rollins, what has to be considered dream matches for people who love wrestling.

Seth Rollins said in the ESPN interview that he feels no pressure coming back, despite all the new talent in the WWE. Seth said that he is used to competition and that is where he does his best work. Rollins also said that he is not worried about returning from his injuries in only seven months, while most people take nine to 12 to recover.

Rollins said he was working out twice a day, had great doctors, and missed the crowd so much that he was willing to work as hard as possible to make it back to the WWE ring. Seth said that he would not have returned if he wasn’t sure he could go at 100 percent. At the end of the day, Seth Rollins said he will be better than he was before, and if that is true, a Seth Rollins vs. A.J. Styles match could be a true Match of the Year candidate when it happens.

[Image via WWE]