‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam Makes A Decision Regarding Quinn And Katie Reaches Out To Brooke

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday’s episode detail that it is time for Quinn to learn her fate. She finally has to answer for the scheme she orchestrated regarding Liam, and he is being pressured to decide whether or not to press charges. What can everybody expect from the May 25 show?

As everybody saw during Tuesday’s Bold and Beautiful episode, Liam went to the police station and was being pushed to make a decision regarding pressing charges against Quinn. She lied to him for quite some time, due to his memory loss, and fabricated an elaborate scenario to ensure that he stayed away from his regular life. Quinn also lied to Wyatt, Steffy, and others in Liam’s life to support the scheme she had created. Despite all of that, Liam’s lawyer said that it would be hard to prove Quinn did anything criminally wrong.

Liam has been wavering quite a bit in terms of what he wants to see happen to Quinn, and she has done everything she can to appeal to his softer side. She was doing that again on Tuesday’s Bold and Beautiful episode, but as viewers saw, he did push back and stand up for himself as the show ended. What will his ultimate decision be when it comes to pressing charges?

As the Bold and Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central indicate, Liam will be the one to seal Quinn’s fate and that comes during this next show. Previews show Bill and Wyatt continuing their talk, and Bill is insistent as ever that Quinn needs to be behind bars to pay for what she has done. Wyatt has been fighting for his mother to get psychiatric help instead, but Bill has remained determined to see charges pressed.

Which way will Liam ultimately go with this decision? Viewers will have to tune into Wednesday’s Bold and Beautiful episode to find out, but it is certainly sounding as if he will back off and decide not to press charges. Quinn has still been hoping that their odd relationship could be rekindled, and some fans think that could actually be where this is headed. However, Liam has remained determined in his resolve so far to woo back Steffy despite Wyatt’s pleas for him to let go and move on without her.

Wednesday’s episode also has a bit with Katie and Brooke on the way. Things got very ugly between these two sisters earlier in the week when Brooke hid under Katie and Bill’s bed in a panicked moment, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Katie reaches out to try to smooth things over. She will point out that this is all very hard on Bill and it sounds as if she may want to patch things up once again.

Brooke will surely want to repair the relationship with her sister after this latest rough patch, but as Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates, Brooke also continues to be concerned about Katie’s drinking and erratic behavior. This situation is far from resolved, as Bold and Beautiful spoilers have detailed that Katie’s marriage and custody of her son Will will soon be hanging in the balance.

Will Liam back away from pressing charges against Quinn? Can Katie pull her life back together and let go of her concerns regarding Bill and Brooke? As the week continues, viewers will see more regarding Sasha’s supposed pregnancy and how Zende and Nicole react to the shocking news in the wake of their romantic reunion. There is plenty more drama on the way over the next few episodes and fans cannot wait to see what comes next on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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