Tornadoes Rip Through The Plains States — Watch The Dramatic Videos

Tornadoes ripped through the plains states on Tuesday, leaving behind destruction and a slew of frightening — and mesmerizing — videos that capture the power of these insane storms.

Two people were critically injured near Dodge City, Kansas, Tuesday evening in the wake of one of the tornadoes, according to officials, the Associated Press reported.

In a statement released by the Kansas Adjutant General’s Office, the two injured people were taken to a hospital in Dodge City. It also said that the storms affected the western and south-central parts of the state.

About 26 tornadoes were reported Tuesday in five different states from Michigan to Texas.

The storms were so powerful that at times, rare dual tornadoes hit near Dodge City, Kansas.

Meteorologist Reed Timmer, perhaps the world’s most famous storm chaser, managed to capture an extremely powerful tornado up close and personal that left a house demolished in its path.

Reed is never shy of these storms and will get as close as humanly possible to capture tornadoes in all their fury. Earlier in the day, he captured another tornado with 4K technology.

More than a dozen tornadoes touched down in Kansas and several more hit Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado.

Most of the reported damage occurred just north of Dodge City, where a storm that spawned at least four tornadoes terrorized residents. One of these tornadoes appeared to have damaged six homes, according to ABC News meteorologist Max Golembo.

Minor damage was reported in Bristow, Oklahoma, from tornadoes. Meanwhile in the same state, residents and homes in Shamrock reportedly suffered wind damage along with a few injuries.

According to ABC News, Yuma and Washington counties also suffered damage from tornadoes, with power lines and homes affected in those areas collectively.

Trees and power lines were also impacted in Marquette County, Michigan.

If you’re wondering how Reed Timmer can get so close to a tornado, he chases the beasts in vehicles built specifically for tornado chasing, called Dominators.

Currently, Timmer conducts his research on tornadoes using the Dominator 3, which was built using a Ford Super Duty pickup truck as the base vehicle. The vehicle features an electric winch, hydraulic anchoring spikes, and gull-wing doors for the driver, front, and rear passengers.

More storms — and perhaps tornadoes — are in the forecast for Wednesday. If you want to follow storm chasers live during storm activity, try

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