Elizabeth Warren Steps Up Her Attacks Against Donald Trump

Elizabeth Warren has been an outspoken critic of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump throughout the 2016 presidential campaign. However, the progressive senator has now stepped up her attacks against Donald Trump, slamming him as “a small, insecure money-grubber who doesn’t care who gets hurt.”

They’re incredibly harsh words from Elizabeth Warren, who hasn’t endorsed a candidate on the Democratic side of the race. However, the Washington Post is reporting that Elizabeth Warren is quickly becoming a strong weapon for the Clinton campaign. That’s mainly because a speech Elizabeth Warren made on Tuesday morning mirrored many talking points from a speech made by Hillary Clinton, suggesting that the pair may be planning to team up and take the White House.

Elizabeth Warren made her speech lambasting Donald Trump at the Center for Popular Democracy’s annual gala in Washington, where she again revisited many themes that she’s bashed Donald Trump on in the past, including, most prominently, the housing crisis.

Warren told attendees, “Donald Trump was drooling over the idea of a housing meltdown — because it meant he could buy up a bunch more property on the cheap. What kind of a man does that? Root for people to get thrown out on the street? Root for people to lose their jobs? Root for people to lose their pensions?”

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren in 2013
Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren in 2013 [Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

According to the Huffington Post, Warren continued her speech by attacking Donald Trump on a range of other issues, eventually going on to claim that Trump does, in fact, care about protecting Wall Street, despite the fact that his campaign has largely been run against the influence of the establishment.

Warren is a name that many have looked to throughout the 2016 presidential campaign for an endorsement largely because of her popularity as a senator. However, with many claiming that Elizabeth Warren sits somewhere in between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, she hasn’t made an official endorsement. That being said, with Hillary Clinton now looking to be the Democratic nominee, there’s a good chance that Elizabeth Warren has agreed to support her, if only by attacking her rival Donald Trump for now.

Elizabeth Warren is undeniably an incredibly useful asset to Hillary Clinton. She’s proven herself in terms of taking down Donald Trump, who will undeniably be Clinton’s biggest problem in getting to the White House. However, her popularity amongst many of Bernie Sanders’ supporters helps her in uniting the Democratic party behind their nominee.

Mirrored speeches between Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, along with a very much on key message, have left many questioning exactly when Warren will come out in full support of Hillary Clinton and if Clinton will offer Warren a place at her table as the vice presidential nomination. However, many are keen to remember that Hillary Clinton hasn’t wrapped up the Democratic nomination just yet, so Warren could still see it a little premature to enter the Democratic side of the debate.

For now, though, Elizabeth Warren doesn’t look to be slowing down her attacks against Donald Trump — in fact, she’s doing quite the opposite. It follows a series of Twitter spats between the pair in recent months. Warren is, of course, a staunchly progressive Democrat, and with Trump running for the presidency on an anti-immigration platform, it’s quite easy to see how the pair would clash, and that’s a tension that Hillary Clinton will likely look to capitalize on when she faces Trump head to head later this year.

Elizabeth Warren’s ability to take down Donald Trump has left a lot of disbelief that she didn’t run for the presidency herself, with many claiming that she could better face Donald Trump head to head in a general election than Hillary Clinton ever could.

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