Hillary Clinton Talks Vice President Nominees On ‘The Ellen Show’

With the safe assumption that Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination, there’s a lot of chatter right now around whom she’ll pick as her vice presidential nominee. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that host Ellen DeGeneres was keen to push Hillary Clinton on her ideal candidate during a recent appearance on The Ellen Show. However, according to CNN Politics, the interview threw up a number of interesting revelations, including the fact that Clinton would rather see Scandal star Tony Goldwyn as her VP over Bernie Sanders.

During the appearance, Ellen pushed Clinton into a game of “Who Would You Rather” with a twist as Hillary Clinton had to choose between vice presidential nominees. It was a pretty simple game that saw Clinton presented with two pictures of famous actors, politicians or musicians, where Clinton had to pick one and move on. However, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, some of her choices weren’t necessarily what everyone was expecting.

Hillary Clinton was first confronted with a choice between current vice president Joe Biden and businessman Mark Cuban, who has already said that he’d take the job. However, the decision was clearly a pretty easy one for Hillary, saying that Joe Biden would easily be her pick for VP.

It was the choice that came next that undeniably surprised the majority of Ellen’s audience. Clinton was asked to choose between her current Democratic rival Bernie Sanders and Tony Goldwyn, the actor best known for his role as Republican president Fitzgerald Grant in Scandal. To everybody’s surprise, Clinton exclaimed she “Gotta go with Tony!” It’s an interesting revelation at a time when Bernie Sanders is widely speculated to be in the running to stand as Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential pick, largely because of the demographics he attracts over Hillary Clinton.

However, it’s worth noting that, whilst there’s a very slim chance that Tony Goldwyn could actually be picked by Hillary Clinton, he has been a vocal supporter of Clinton, appearing several times on the campaign trail for her, a contrasting image for those who know Goldwyn for his role as Republican president Fitzgerald Grant in Scandal.

Scandal Star Tony Goldwyn Campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Indiana
Scandal Star Tony Goldwyn Campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Indiana [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Whilst picking between Goldwyn and Sanders appeared to be something of an easy decision for Hillary Clinton, it was choosing between Goldwyn and George Clooney that threw up a real problem. Clooney is, of course, another vocal supporter and donor to the Clinton campaign. However, she appeared to come to a solution in saying that “Well, Tony could be the first term and George could be the second.”

Despite the fact that the idea of Hillary Clinton putting a celebrity into the vice presidential seat is a completely superficial one, she continued with the game. Big names including Beyonce and Leonardo DiCaprio managed to win Clinton’s heart, as she selected them over other VP options, including Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, Hillary Clinton didn’t shy away from offering the show’s host Ellen DeGeneres the position herself, but the pair mutually agreed that moving to Washington, D.C., could be a problem for the show.

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to The Ellen Show, with this being her third appearance as a candidate during the 2016 race. Clinton’s team has also spoken about how much Hillary loves appearing on the show, which is likely something to do with Ellen DeGeneres herself being a vocal supporter of the candidate. In fact, during this particular interview, DeGerneres congratulated Clinton saying “So you’re doing fantastic, by the way. It very much appears that you will be the nominee.”

It’s very unlikely that Hillary Clinton could push a celebrity name like Tony Goldwyn into the vice presidential seat, however, the 2016 cycle has already proven this is an election where just about anything can happen.

[Image via Warner Bros.]