As Bill Cosby’s Trial Starts, Jennifer Thompson Speaks Up About Cosby Having Sex With Teens

Bill Cosby has just been ordered to stand trial this week by District Judge Elizabeth McHugh in Montgomery, Pennsylvania. Judge McHugh found that there was probable cause to move forward with the case in which Andrea Constant claims Cosby drugged and raped her in 2004. The ruling coincided with the re-release of Cosby’s depositions in a 2005-2006 civil suit case by the Associated Press. That case involved accusations regarding Bill Cosby having sex with teens sent to him by a modeling agency.

Jennifer Thompson, one of his alleged teen victims in that civil suit case, has come forward. Thompson, now 45, gave an interview to People magazine in 2005, and was known as Jane Doe No. 2 in the civil court case.

In those depositions, Cosby was asked about Jane No. 2, who was 17 at the time. He admitted that the modeling agency sent “five or six” models a week to The Cosby Show studio. He says that sexual contact with Jane Doe No. 2 continued until she was 18 or 19.

People magazine confirmed that Thompson is indeed Jane Doe No. 2 in the case brought forward by Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee, who claimed that Bill Cosby drugged and raped her in 2004.

Jennifer Thompson, who came forward as “Jena T.” in 2014, has given her full identity.

“I decided to speak my truth. I would rather go to bed at night knowing that I’ve been honest.”

Thompson says that, in 1988, she took a day trip to New York city from her home state of Maryland. She said she walked into a modeling agency and was sent to meet Bill Cosby that same day. Thompson said that Bill Cosby talked to her mother on the phone and assured her. Cosby promised to help Jennifer Thompson’s career and watch over her. Just days after moving to New York, Thompson says that Bill Cosby became intimate with her.

“He knew on some level that I was probably ready to give in. I’m allowing the rubbing. He put his leg between my two legs, but I wasn’t excited. But I knew that that was the point – I had to get him excited.”

On Bill Cosby’s orders she went to find some lotion. “I’m like a robot, and that is what I became, and that is what I did for him. I’m sure he fixed something to drink. He knew that I was ready to submit. The whole thing was like – I just knew that I gave him a hand job.”

Jennifer Thompson claims that Bill Cosby gave her $700 that night. She claims the experiences she had with Cosby left her with trust issues and self-esteem issues that have lasted for decades.

“I am determined to continue to be honest and forthright regarding my experiences at 17 years of age (and the following decades) surrounding this public figure. I now realize that the beings that I am helping the most are the ones who are still silently suffering (victims of another) and I will not get any applause from them readily, if ever. For them I will be grateful for this walk.”

Martin Singer, Bill Cosby’s attorney, tried to claim Jena T.’s account of the events was “unsubstantiated.” Jennifer Thompson had never brought a claim against Cosby on her own but is now among the 58 women who have accused him of drugging them and having sexual relations against their will. She said she was glad that the Constand case was in court.

“There should be a jury of peers, a judge, and laws to apply surrounding actions of harm against another being.”

Cosby claims his sexual contact with Andrea Constand was consensual. In fact, he denies misconduct with any of the women in the latest string of allegations.

There are other cases pending against Bill Cosby, but according to Showbiz 411, it may be difficult for anyone to get any money, even though Bill Cosby’s net worth is around $350 million. Lawyers state that funds have probably already been transferred to Bill Cosby’s wife, children and off-shore accounts. Bill Cosby has little career left, and future earnings look bleak, at best. The Cosby Show is rarely shown anymore. Bill Cosby is no longer the beloved character he once was to America.

Bill Cosby is scheduled to be arraigned on July 20. Cosby faces up to 10 years in jail.

[Photo by Matt Rourke/AP Images]