Paris Hilton Poses Nude For Russian GQ

Paris Hilton clearly isn’t shy about taking off her clothes, so news that she posed naked in the recent issue of Russian GQ probably comes as a surprise to just about no one.

The 31-year-old … actress? singer? … appeared in a variety of poses for the magazine including one with her draped over a bed with a black dress and sunglasses and a series showing her in a skin-tight leather corset. In one of those shots, a man holds a cigarette just above her mouth, and, in the next, Paris Hilton dropped the already skimpy outfit to expose her bare chest, though she strategically covered herself with a hand and her hair.

Americans have earned a reprieve of constant Paris Hilton news for the past couple of years, aside from the occasional story about routine car troubles like leaving the lights on in her $375,000 sports car and running the battery out.

But, while she’s been quieter in America, Paris Hilton has remained active overseas. Aside from her Russian GQ photoshoot,Paris will be featured in the music video for Korean singer Kim Jang-hoon, The Chosunilbo reported.

To appear in the video, which was shot in Los Angeles and parts of Malibu, Paris Hilton had to beat out some tough competition.

“We considered several Hollywood stars, such as Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson and Paris Hilton, for the role of lead actress in Kim’s new music video. But a survey conducted in Korea showed that Paris Hilton was the most well-known, so we chose her,” Kim’s agency said on Wednesday.

You can check out Paris Hilton’s Russian GQ photo spread at BuzzFeed, but, be warned: Some of the shots are not safe for work.