Blake Shelton Makes A Confession About Gwen Stefani’s Sons, Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

Blake Shelton is talking babies, but he might not want to have kids of his own until he can handle Gwen Stefani’s three rambunctious sons from her marriage to Gavin Rossdale. During a recent interview, Blake revealed that Gwen’s boys love spending time at his secluded home in Oklahoma, but the cowboy has a hard time corralling the kids when they’re exploring the woods on his property.

Blake Shelton told Entertainment Tonight that he doesn’t get to hang out with nine-year-old Kingston, seven-year-old Zuma, and two-year-old Apollo very much because Gwen Stefani’s sons are quite the little adventurers. The Cali boys grew up in the city, but they’re never bored when they visit Blake’s backwoods abode. In fact, they take full advantage of the freedom to roam through the trees in search of adventure.

“When they come out there, I don’t see them much because if they’re at my place in Oklahoma, they’re in the woods,” Blake Shelton said of his girlfriend’s sons. “I don’t know how to keep control of them.”

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However, Gwen Stefani’s boys seemed to be on their best behavior at the Los Angeles premiere of Angry Birds earlier this month. Blake Shelton voices a rotund green pig named Earl in the animated movie, so he was able to score tickets for Gwen, Kingston, and Zuma. The trio sat together at the premiere, but Gwen’s boys weren’t all that excited to hang out with a huge country star at a big Hollywood event. According to Blake Shelton, it’s hard for him to impress Gwen’s sons with his star power because he’s become such a fixture in their lives already.

“They’re so used to me hanging around. It’s just Blake to them, but that’s good.”

Many fans want Blake Shelton to have a child of his own whom he can try and fail miserably to impress, but Blake has a hard time getting serious when it comes to talking about babies. He loves to joke about all the rumors that Gwen Stefani is pregnant with his child (or children), and he doesn’t think that the tabloids should just be paying attention to his girlfriend’s belly.

“I read that we’re having twins in the latest tabloid, and I think you can fit two humans in there,” Shelton joked, referring to his own tiny belly bulge. “Maybe three in there!”

Blake has also showed of his “baby bump” alongside Adam Levine’s pregnant wife, Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo. He has the pregnancy pose down pat.

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Gwen Stefani did once reveal that she would love for Blake Shelton to have a baby. However, she wasn’t encouraging the cowboy to get pregnant himself or father a child with her; she was trying to persuade him to get Miranda Lambert pregnant.

In September of 2014, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were still nothing more than close friends and co-coaches on The Voice. Blake was still married to Miranda Lambert, and the tabloids were constantly speculating that the “Little Red Wagon” singer was pregnant with Blake’s first child. During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Blake set the record straight by definitively stating that he would not be “reproducing soon.” When Ellen asked Blake the kid question, Gwen enthusiastically encouraged him to start a family with his soon-to-be ex-wife.

“Do it! Do it! Do it!” Gwen exclaimed. You can check out the throwback interview below.

However, during an earlier interview with People, Blake Shelton said that he’s interested in having kids someday, and The Voice star thinks that his marriage to Miranda Lambert has helped prepare him for fatherhood.

“I’m thinking about a family,” Blake said. “Learning to not be selfish is what has changed in me the most since being married. I’m thinking on behalf of someone else [now].”

If Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani get married, do you think being a stepfather to Gwen’s three boys will be enough for Blake? Or will he want to have a child of his own?

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