More Than 70 Earthquakes Rock California Border

More than 70 earthquakes hit California near the border with Mexico, shaking the state all the way from Orange County to San Diego County and even into Arizona.

The more than 70 earthquakes hit near the Mexico-California border at the south end of the Salton Sea, NBCNews reported. The largest earthquake, one measuring with a 5.5 magnitude, hit Brawley, California just before 2 pm. Another 5.3-magnitude earthquake in Brawley was felt through San Diego County just a few hours earlier, one that was followed minutes later by a 4.9 magnitude aftershock.

San Diego residents reported feeling the shocks in downtown and throughout neighboring communities, but no injuries were reported. Pat Abbot, a geologist with San Diego State University, told NBC that the more than 70 earthquakes near California’s border took place in a seismic zone famous for clusters of quakes.

“[The Brawley Seismic Zone] is a broad zone with lots of little faults,” Abbott said. “This area has clearly activated. We will likely experience swarms of 3, 4 and 5-magnitude [earthquakes] but they are not likely to increase in intensity. Of course, there are no guarantees on this, but history says they likely won’t get bigger – that we will experience more of the same or smaller quakes.”

The more than 70 earthquakes caused minor damage to some buildings in downtown Brawley, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Capt. Jesse Zendejas of the Brawley Fire Department told the Los Angeles Times that the damage was only “cosmetic” and said it occurred in at least three buildings dating to the 1930s. Crews were busy checking out other parts of the city to see if there was any further damage, he said.

Because the seismic zone where the more than 70 earthquakes occurred erupts in bursts, residents near California’s border can expect more quakes on the way, experts said.