Hit Piece Alert! Male Singer Allegedly Stiffs Restaurant, Puts Cigarette In Ice Dispenser?

Apparently, Justin Bieber can be dragged into a blind gossip-sourced accusation involving an alleged male singer allegedly lighting up a cigarette in a bar, putting it out inside an ice dispenser, stiffing restaurant staff, and spitting on the floor, without a shred of physical evidence.

What does no physical evidence mean? Exactly that. The blind comes with no mention of the name of the alleged bar or its location. Which, of course, makes it conveniently impossible for media outlets to confirm or dismiss the story.

That pattern continues. A health inspector, restaurant staff, an owner, and police officers also allegedly star in this rumor. However, none of these “characters” is identified. Some questions: Which health department? Which police station? Which town, or city, and state? Everything that is alleged is based on hearsay, not fact.

Despite the lack of answers, Blind Gossip heavily implies that the male singer in the story is Justin Bieber, without providing a single reason for making that claim. Jezebel does the same. The latter signed off its copy and paste of the rumor by linking to an unrelated tweet about Bieber which was posted by the Shady Music Facts account, and which, incidentally, is inaccurate.

Before unwrapping the alleged details of the story, it is worth nothing there is no CCTV footage of the Canadian inside the alleged bar. Justin Bieber tends to get filmed everywhere he goes, yet there is no bystander-obtained footage of the “Sorry” singer doing the allegedly outlandish things claimed by Blind Gossip. Unless the alleged bar was empty, it’s odd and telling that no footage has surfaced in these snap-happy times.

According to Blind Gossip, the alleged male pop star lit up a cigarette inside the bar and was “told that there is no smoking allowed.” But instead of going outside, our alleged anti-hero decided to “put the cigarette inside the ice dispenser,” then lit up another “and kept smoking. He seemed to think it was funny that someone would try to tell him what to do.”

It’s claimed the singer had expensive tastes and allegedly “ordered $800 bottles of Cristal and several $500 bottles of Don Julio 1942 Tequila and small plates of food for the group. He kept spitting on the floor.”

The alleged “spitting on the floor” detail is one of many red flags in this story. Gossip media regulars with a nose for fabrication may well think the “spitting” claim is specifically designed to shoehorn Justin Bieber into the story, because of previous Biebs’ incidents involving alleged spitting.

However, the Inquisitr has never come across an eyewitness report or any Bieber media story in which the singer “spits” on the floor in a bar or a restaurant. It’s also hard to believe that such an oafish act, or the alleged putting out a cigarette in an ice dispenser, wouldn’t have been filmed by an incensed alleged staffer or the owner.

Such footage or photos, if they existed, would sell for a lot of money to TMZ or other media outlets. So, where are they?

The next red flag is the claim that when the alleged male singer’s crew were given a check by a waitress, they “took off without paying” and supposedly had to be chased down by the waitress and the bar owner. Again, there are no pictures and no CCTV footage to corroborate any of this.

It is claimed the singer’s “producers” stumped up several hundred dollars and gave it to the owner, but still came up short on the total bill.

And there’s the money shot. Are intelligent readers really expected to swallow the notion that a bar which is owed hundreds — possibly thousands of dollars — would give away a lucrative Justin Bieber story to a Blind Gossip site, where any clickbait-chasing media outlet can freely pick it up, rather than sell it to a major outlet for proper money and try to make back some of their alleged losses.

In addition, where is a screen shot copy of the drinks bill? A picture of the bar? Basic details. The story gets even more ludicrous when it’s claimed police officers and a health inspector went to the bar the next day. The trinity of alleged spitting, smoking, and disposal of cigarettes into a food service machine allegedly produced a big hygiene issue. Notably, there should be public records of the police officers’ and health inspector’s visit. Where are they?

Blind Gossip alleges, “The bar staff was forced to tear down, wash down, and disinfect everything until 6 a.m. the following morning.”

But it’s the zinger at the end of what is almost certainly a made-up hit piece that reveals its creators’ motives. The site adds, “The next time his team tries to convince you that he’s a changed man — so much nicer, so much more centered, so much more real, so disappointed in other people being mean or fake — just know that he’s still the same entitled, obnoxious jerk he always was.”

That highly personalized language goes beyond what is typical in the reporting of a factual news or gossip story. It reveals an intended aim. Namely, to puncture the perception of growth, reflectiveness, sensitivity, and developing maturity seen in Justin Bieber during 2015 to now. Not always. But isn’t everyone a work in progress?

I don't know about these award shows.. No disrespect to anybody at any of the shows or the people running it. Nothing but love for you guys and your support. But I don't feel good when I'm there nor after. I try to think of it as a celebration but can't help feeling like people are rating and grading my performance. A lot of people in the audience there to be seem worried about how much camera time they will get or who they can network with. When I'm doing a regular show I feel they are there for the right reasons and to strictly have a good time! But these award shows seem so hollow. I get the premise is to award people for their accomplishments, but is it really? Because when I look in the audience I see a bunch of fake smiles so that when the camera hits them they look happy. Sure there are people truly proud of others so I don't want to knock them I'm just looking at the vast majority. I just think to myself if I'm living my purpose I want the reward to be fulfillment. I'm getting awarded for the things that I'm doing and not for who I am which is understandable I know it would probably be hard to calculate and award someone's spirit lol. But When I do get these awards the temptation of putting my worth in what I do is so hard to fight!!!I am privileged and honored to be recognized by my peers in but in these settings I can't feel the recognition. There's an authenticity missing that I crave! And I wonder does anybody else.. Sorry not sorry about grammar it's not my strong point

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

The closer also picks up words or sentiments Bieber has used in some of his social media posts and interviews. In other words, the “i’s” and “t’s” have been dotted perfectly. But the entire story just doesn’t smell authentic. Bieber posted an Instagram essay the morning after performing (and winning two awards) at the Billboard Music Awards last Sunday. He wrote, “These award shows seem so hollow…Because when I look in the audience I see a bunch of fake smiles so that when the camera hits them they look happy.”

The 22-year-old went on to say he feels conflicted about winning awards and craves “fulfillment” as his reward. It’s a thoughtful post. It prompted some positive media reports and sweet encouragement from Alanis Morissette, as well as more predictable media “meltdown” chatter.

Stage right this unsubstantiated, bogus, spiteful cigarette/ice-dispenser/bill-stiffing story fed into the rumor mill to dump on any goodwill to Justin Bieber. As for who would want that? It’s perhaps more useful simply to know that it is wanted.

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