Was Tamar Braxton Fired From ‘The Real’? Her Co-Hosts Speak Out

So, was Tamar Braxton really fired from The Real and were her co-hosts responsible for her hasty departure? Her co-hosts have spoken out about the shocking news.

Tamera Mowry took to Instagram after rumors swirled that her co-host, Tamar Braxton, was fired from The Real on Sunday, May 22.

“Tay Tay. Words cannot express how much I will miss working with you side by side,” the 37-year-old actress wrote on Instagram.

“You could always count on our end of the table to be hilarious because of our genuine banter. Our differences didn’t separate us. It actually brought us together. Beautifully. I knew I could always count on you to make me laugh. But not just any laugh. That belly laugh.”

She concluded, “Thank you for understanding me always. In front of the camera but most importantly behind. Love you. Always.”

Additionally, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon have taken to their Instagram accounts to speak out about their former co-host and friend.

While reports claimed that co-hosts Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon were responsible for Braxton’s firing, Mowry’s name was left out of the rumors. There were also claims made that Braxton unfollowed both Mai and Bailon, but still follows Mowry on social media.

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Even Wendy Williams thinks that the other girls were behind her departure. There’s also been speculation that Braxton was too “over-the-top” and “ghetto” for the talk show. According to inside sources, the show first saw an opportunity to kick Braxton off the show when she competed on the last season of Dancing With the Stars, according to The Daily Mail. They noticed that the show’s ratings when up, the co-hosts worked better together, and that Braxton was not as popular as they previously thought.

Meanwhile, Loni Love took her Facebook page to quash the rumors that she and her co-hosts had anything to do with Braxton’s firing. She revealed that she first heard about Braxton being fired when she texted all three women in a group message, writing, “I heard I’m being fired.”

“None of us knew about Tamar until Tamar [texted] us on Saturday. First person to answer was Tamera. I woke up from my nap about an hour later, I immediately called her and said ‘What are you talking about?’ She didn’t pick up and I ended up texting her in the group text saying, ‘Please let me know what’s going on.'”

Love said that the other hosts messaged Braxton as well, but they haven’t received a response since then. The comedian added that she received a phone call from the studio behind the talk show, who then confirmed Braxton’s firing.

“It was an individual phone call and I asked why. They told me it was none of my business, because it’s between Tamar’s management and them,” Love says.

Love says that she’s still been trying to get in touch with Braxton, no matter what. She then defended her former co-host, saying she was a hard worker and again stated they had nothing to do with her firing.

“Tamar is a good girl, she works very very hard and she’s very talented. We had nothing to do with the whole situation. Nothing.”

There have been different stories swirling around about Tamar Braxton’s sudden departure. According to People, the 39-year-old singer and The Real released a joint statement saying that both The Real and Braxton have decided that she should move on to focus on her solo music career.

Braxton has co-hosted the daytime talk show with Tamera Mowry, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai, and Adrienne Bailon since their 2013 debut episode. This announcement came shortly after Braxton wrote a cryptic Instagram post about being betrayed by someone on Instagram on Sunday.

I love u all but I have been stabbed in the back by someone I stupidly trusted ( not my man or my sisters) I am not about to be tried and tested to snitch (????) and it's not in good taste to tell you who...... but as #tamartians you are very smart and can figure things out on your own. But know that every one who smiles in your face is NOT your friend and is NOT cheering for you and will LIE and try and tear u down to TRY and dim your light. Thank GOD HE HOLDS MY FUTURE AND MY HAND! (Remember who u are)....I am Tamar Braxton. And if you thought for 1 sec u played me.....In the late great prince and the amazing Beyoncé voice you PLAYED yourself???? to God be the Glory and I will be taking a short break from ALL social media...until then❤️ yourself and WATCH YOUR BACK ( I put this picture up cause this is the embrace I got from my sister and best friend that she ALWAYS gives when she knows I've been had)

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