Report: Prince Harry Feels He Let Himself Down

Prince Harry, according to recent reports, is really beating himself up over the recent nude photo scandal he has gotten himself wrapped up in. Prince Harry has recently been embarrassed after pictures showed up online of him without any clothes on partying with a bunch of women in Las Vegas.

A source told the United Kingdom’s Sunday Times:

“He feels he has let himself down and is very disappointed with the fact that he allowed it to happen,”

Prince Harry was due to make his first public appearance since the scandal at the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games this week. Sources close to his royal highness say that his appearance at the games in unlikely at this point.

In the meantime, not everyone is so quick to condemn Prince Harry for his behavior. Rosa Monckton, a close friend of Harry’s mother Diana, thinks that Prince Harry should be allowed to have some fun sometimes (although she acknowledged he may have expressed some bad judgement).

Monckton said to People Magazine:

“He is absolutely entitled to a private life. He has a full-time job and he is a full-time serving member of the armed forces. They all need to let their hair down. But that’s young men for you … It’s classic of a young officer. They work very hard and they play very hard. It’s a very simple thing.”

Further reports have noted porn company Vivid Entertainment offering up to $10 million dollars for any video copies that include Prince Harry. The company wants to market a royal porno ASAP.