WWE Rumors: WWE To Release More Superstars Soon – Which Talent Cuts Are Coming?

Less than a month ago, WWE did its annual spring cleaning and released a total of eight veteran superstars from its roster. Since that clean-up, two other superstars have been granted their release, and rumors of others being let go have started swirling. There is indeed speculation that another round of talent cuts are coming soon, and WWE could have some more superstars that will be wished well on their future endeavors.

When the first round of 2016 cuts came from WWE, most of the names were not totally unexpected. There were one or two who took fans by surprise, but that was more out of disappointment since WWE didn’t have anything for them to do.

The right superstars released in early May were:

  • Damien Sandow
  • Santino Marella
  • Alex Riley
  • Cameron
  • Wade Barrett
  • El Torito
  • Zeb Colter
  • Hornswoggle
wwe rumors cuts releases ryback lilian garcia damien sandow
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Since those cuts on May 7, two other superstars have asked for their release from WWE and been granted it. Adam Rose was just recently released after a wellness policy suspension and arrest. Cody Rhodes requested his release from WWE, and the promotion also gave it to him so he could go on to different things.

That makes a total of 10 talents released by WWE in the last three weeks, but more could be on the way shortly.

According to PW Insider, there is another round of cuts expected now that Extreme Rules has passed. Since releases typically come from WWE on a Friday, it’s quite possible that they could happen in a few days or more specifically on May 27.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that rumors of a surprising WWE release are flying around, and it’s a women’s star who is to be considered a top talent. Cody Rhodes tweeted out a somewhat cryptic post on Tuesday afternoon, and it was in reference to his wife Brandi Reed Rhodes who is known as Eden in WWE.

It seems as if WWE may soon need a new ring announcer for SmackDown, Main Event, and the pay-per-view events.

Speaking of ring announcers, many have thought that Lilian Garcia had actually been already released, but she squashed those rumors last week. With the strong possibility that Eden is on her way out, it’s highly unlikely that Lilian Garcia is going anywhere.

wwe rumors cuts releases ryback lilian garcia
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One name that could end up being on the next list of cut superstars is Ryback. Three weeks ago, Ryback was sent home from Monday Night Raw due to a contract dispute and hasn’t been seen on WWE television since. There has been no word on whether or not the contract negotiations are going well, but after a tweet teasing him signing with TNA Wrestling, it’s safe to say that he and WWE aren’t close.

Vince McMahon did recently state that over the next month, WWE would have more talents on the roster than they’ve ever had before. That also appears to be the reason that the releases are happening.

The latest round of talent cuts and any others that may be coming are said to be because of the new signings that WWE has been making. Many of the releases were not let go due to them doing something wrong, but more because WWE had nothing creative for them, and a lot of new superstars were coming in.

It really isn’t known who will be the next to be released by WWE, but a new round of talent cuts aren’t even confirmed to be coming. Still, when the rumors of the last round started, it was just a couple of days until they actually took place. Now, it could be time for Ryback to be on his way out the door, and it certainly appears as if Eden is about to join her husband outside of the company.

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