May 26, 2016
Can Wesley Snipes Stir Up Enough Buzz For 'Blade' Reboot?

The power of social media is amazing at times, especially when the masses stir up enough excitement for an old series that ends up getting revived by Hollywood. Wesley Snipes seems to want to use the power of social media to get people excited for a Blade reboot.

On May 24, Snipes posted a tweet about the possibility of taking another go at a Blade series and ended the message with the hashtag #SharpeningMyTeeth.

An hour after he posted that, Snipes issued another tweet about the franchise reboot that mentioned that the balls are in Marvel's court.
Several months ago, there was talk about Marvel revitalizing the Blade franchise, but as of May, there has been no official word from Marvel that there will be a reboot. Snipes is trying his hardest to get Marvel to go forward with the project, according to Comic Book Movie.

A grassroots campaign for a series reboot is not unusual these days. John Stamos, who has an ownership stake in the Full House franchise, helped set the wheels in motion by appealing to the show's fans to get excited about a reboot. The result ended up with Netflix distributing Fuller House, which is now filming its second season.

Gilmore Girls is another franchise that's experiencing a second chance at TV life, thanks to the show's strong fan base that called for some kind of reunion show to happen after the cast attended an ATX Television Festival last June, an appearance that gave fans many nostalgic feelings. "Gilmore Girls: A Year in a Life" is the first of four 90-minute episodes that will air on Netflix sometime this year.

So Wesley Snipes is not completely wrong to try to drum up excitement from fans of the Blade comic books and the trilogy films. If Marvel decides to pass on a reboot of a film series, there is always the possibility to make a deal with Netflix to showcase Blade in a smaller screen format.

After all, Marvel has two successful series on Netflix so far - Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Netflix will see more Marvel comic stories on its channel such as Iron Fist, Luke Cage, The Defenders, and the Daredevil spin-off series, The Punisher.

Back in 2013, The Hollywood Reporter stated in its article that Marvel reacquired the characters' licences of Ghost Rider, Power Man, Daredevil, and Blade. Last July, Marvel announced that the only revitalization going on with the Blade franchise is a new comic book series that will focus on Blade's daughter, Fallon Grey.

At last year's San Diego Comic Con, Wesley Snipes gave an interview with IGN stating that he is "in talks" with Marvel about Blade returning to the silver screen.

Marvel remains quiet on the whole issue, but it won't be the first time executives had denied a project is in the works until the last possible minute. With Snipes baiting fans on his Twitter, it could be his way to draw up excitement to get more people to plead to Marvel or something is already happening behind the scenes and Snipes is getting people's attention to talk about Blade again.

Whatever happens, Snipes is still in great condition to shoot the action scenes that are usually involved in an action series. Snipes does have one thriller film in post-production titled Temple that also stars Anne Heche and Dave Annable. No official release date has been announced yet.

Whether Marvel goes forward with a Blade reboot or starts a series with Fallon Grey, where the Blade character makes an appearance, is something that Marvel fans will have to keep on the lookout in the future.

[Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]